Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge No. 254

Sweet and Heart Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge Welcome to my latest attempt to write a meaningful and profound Haiku using the prompt words found at Ronovan Writes.This week the words are Sweet and Heart. Immediately, probably due to not having anything sweet for about two months, my brain betrays its base and shallow side... Continue Reading →


Massive Feet Part III

I am on a journey. And so are my feet. Actually, my feet are doing most of it, the rest of me is tagging along for the ride. For parts one and two (or I and II) of this journey, if you have any desire at all to catch up with the story so far,... Continue Reading →

#Blogbattle: Airtight Case

Airtight Case "Ah, PC Keen, you have a customer for me I see." "Yes I do Sarge... and a unique one, I believe." Sergeant Hopkins stopped his writing and looked over the top of his glasses at the young PC, who was dripping on to the floor of the custody suite, holding a large suitcase... Continue Reading →

Clean Politics

After Barrington Higginbottom's quite frankly useless first attempt at a political report - which is so long ago now that no one remembers it and is frankly not worth clicking on this link to see, even if you are new and have some masochistic curiosity about it - I have decided on a new approach.I... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I Rhymes: O’er Gates

I haven't done a Rhyme post for a long time so I thought I'd have a go today. For inspiration I thought I'd take a look around at some other contemporary poetry and, as I am logged in to WordPress, read some other writers efforts. One thing I have learned is that poetry is often... Continue Reading →

Am I investing correctly?

Following on from the discovery that gaining follower numbers is a simple pyramid scheme - but not involving ancient Egypt or the mathematics of large bits of stone piled up, hopefully before the king is dead so he can pay the bills - I decided to post another buzz word-filled article to give me a... Continue Reading →

Massive Feet Part II

It has now been one calendar month since I regaled you with the story of my feet. There is a link to that story here. To save any of you doing yet another click in your little click-filled internet clicking lives, basically I told everyone how much my feet weighed and announced I was embarking... Continue Reading →

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