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Just the Facts: The Halloween Special

Welcome to this week’s spooky edition of Just the Facts where I am your guide bringing you little known snippets of Halloween spookiness you can delight family, friends and colleagues with.

You are welcome to Factcheck my facts, to verify that they are indeed facts, but to save you some work I can personally vouch for the facts and am I not as honest a person as you have ever met?

Plus, it’s on the internet.


Rock solid credentials.


I don’t know why spiders webs are spooky, but here is one


As promised for this week, the Halloween Spooky Special.



There are 14 facts this week, I had to make one up as I had thirteen and that’s unlucky.


  • Halloween is a very old festival indeed. Some very scary looking monsters have been found as fossils and apples bobbed in lakes before there were cauldrons
  • Originally from a pagan festival marking the seasons, Halloween is now an annual movie series that has been running since 1922
  • Halloween arrived in America with the Puritans who were being chased away from England by witches on brooms and a man in a stripy jumper called Freddie
  • ‘Trick or Treat’ is now popular with children but was originally used by prostitutes who called it out on street corners as a sales pitch
  • The Celtic festival of Samhain was on the same night as Halloween but it clashed with the church diary so, after some heated discussion with Sam Hain, they agreed to merge the two and call it whatever the church chose
  • It is said that on Halloween ‘all the spirits walk the Earth’ which is not entirely true, some of them fly
  • Pumpkin was originally a slang word for incest
  • No one can remember what letter or letters the apostrophe in Jack-o’-Lantern represents
  • Evil spirits were available until 1920 in America. After that date and until 1933, evil spirits were expensive and rare, as were spirit levels and high spirits
  • Halloween is now marked by people dressed up as ghosts, ghouls and other things that don’t really exist like fictional movie characters and pop stars
  • Modern Witches prefer their cauldrons to be gas fired as they’re more controllable than the electric ones and they have a more realistic ‘real fire’ effect
  • Modern Witches do also have to follow some modern regulations, for instance their black cats have to wear hi-vis jackets when traveling at night and brooms are fitted with front and rear lights
  • There are a lot of traditional and very popular Halloween games but oddly none of them originally launched as an app
  • There is no scientific link to the amount of sugar in Halloween sweets and children not sleeping for the whole first week of November


Come back next week for a further selection of facts about something or other. I’m sure I’ll find something of interest.

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