Sometimes I Rhymes: Rabbit

I was thinking about rabbits after writing about their unfortunate knack of losing feet.

As I was doing that, the words below fell out.

pexels-photo-247373 - Edited


What do Rabbits rabbit about?


If there were such a thing as rabbits

That could talk, like in Beatrix Potter

Would they talk about the weather

‘Nice day but could be hotter’?


Or would they have other matters

To discuss among themselves

Like where to find good mushrooms

And ‘Has anyone seen the elves?’


Maybe it’s about the location

Of carrots and fine cabbage

Or the best places for depositing

Little pellets of their baggage


Of course it might be politics

That’s important in a warren

Like how to keep the weasels out

Or anything else that’s foreign


8 thoughts on “Sometimes I Rhymes: Rabbit”

    1. You meaning that cloud of tags over there somewhere? >
      That’s all the tags ever used on the blog so far, not for just each post… to be honest it’s getting a bit messy so it’ll be going I think, was just trying it to see how it looked.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you.
      Please note: There is no guarantee, implied or given, that this will ever happen to you again.
      But you could just try reading again, from time to time, just to check. 🙂


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