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The Blog Trip.

You might imagine that my life is full of joy and happiness. And of course it is.

However, just at the moment I am sat here with a pretty painful bout of sciatica.

I’m comfortable enough sat at a desk, typing and looking at a computer screen but it gets pretty painful as soon as I am on my feet. It seems that the nerves that are active in the unconscious act of keeping me upright are the ones that are creating the pain and are trying to put a stop to me doing it.

Getting to the kitchen to make a coffee and getting back to the comfortable sitting-back-in-my-chair position is an act taken on only when I have accepted that the scales have balanced more towards ‘how much I want that coffee’ versus ‘how much I know it’s going to hurt’.

So instead of my normal Sunday morning joining in with the local beach clean and the social coffee and cake afterwards, I have sent Mrs Bryntin and dog and my apologies for not being there myself. It would be just too painful to me to walk and bend to pick up rubbish on the stony beach I think.

I can’t go anywhere physically then, at least not comfortably.

But I can travel around virtually via the blogging world from the relative comfort of an upright seat at my computer desk.


So were are going to go on a completely random tour in a kind of Kevin Bacon Six Degrees of Separation style. I’ll think of a snappy name for it in a moment.

My idea is to start with the blog of someone that has liked something here, working on the basis that they must indeed be a tasteful person, if a bit rare.

Then I’ll just pick someone who has liked the last post they did –  probably the sixth one if they have slightly more followers than I do – and go there… and continue this until, let’s say, it makes six times altogether.

I reserve the right to change the rules as and when I think of any more of them.

And I thought of a name. The Great British Bake Off gets #GBBO on Twitter, I’m going with #GBBT, the Great Bryntin Blog Tour.

This does have the potential for every post to be someone from Croydon so we might not go far…

Right then. I’ll start the inaugural GBBT here.

  1.  But I Smile Anyway Because it’s Sunday and I am in need of a serene start. Very thoughtful as usual Ritu.
    I have no idea where Ritu is based in the world apart from ‘the UK somewhere’.  It may very well be Croydon. 
    Now pick the sixth ‘like’ on her post and go there…
  2.  The Showers of BlessingsExcellent. In one bound we have gone to California I think. Miriam has a book of poems out tomorrow, Monday 5th, follow the link for further details.If she follows the link back she’ll be able to read my fine poetry work of course.Right ..mutter mutter.. five, six… Next…
  3. This is Another Story
    This is Yinglan and we appear to be back somewhere in the USA again. This will probably happen a lot. How she has time to blog when there’s so much else going on I have no idea. Click the link and see what I mean.
    OK, sixth ‘like’ on the most recent post is the rule I arbitrarily made up…
  4. MyTwoSentencesHello to Edward Roads in Salem, Massachusetts… He’ll probably like my Witches post. Edward writes his posts in two sentences which is very creative.  I know a lot of people will wish I would learn from him…Oh no… this is very spooky… the sixth like (at time of writing) is from Yinglan!!
    I’ll go six from the other end…
  5. David KaniganWe have arrived in British Columbia at the site of David Kanigan who has been on Freshly Pressed (now WordPress Discover, which modesty prohibits me from mentioning that my photographic site at BearsPhotosCornwall also featured on this year, oops..)
    Unlike me, David appears to think deeply. I have followed his site so I can learn something or perhaps think deeply too one day.
    OK, hit that ‘like’ to see where we head next…
  6. Silly Old Sod
    Ah. Well this is someone who I might have something in common with, going by the blog name anyway. It’s funny (this is not the ‘in common’ part obvs.). And there are recipes for pies on the blog.
    Sold, I hit that follow button straight away.It is by Trev Jones. So if you’re ever in Wales, where he is, just ask for Mr Jones and you’ll find him.And we appear to have returned to the UK via somewhere in Wales.

    Nearly home already after all those miles. If this was Ryanair, it would be “That’s close enough, you can get off now.”


There you have it then, a completely random tour of the world. Except that it was mostly ‘head to the US for a bit and then come home again’. Sorry about that. Blame Kevin Bacon, WordPress or the ‘mainstream media’ or something.

Anyway, please do follow the links or perhaps do your own version of #GBBT, you never know where you’re going to go – but I expect it’ll be somewhere in the US.


ADDENDUM: I apologise for whatever the above formatting looks like on this post today. I have edited it a number of times yet every time I come back to answer a comment it seems to have done something different to what I left it as…
Also please see the post The Blog Trip: Fallout to see what happened to my prospective title for the Tour.

23 thoughts on “The Blog Trip.”

    1. It’s amazing how my brain was still capable of any thought at all while it was sending bloody bollocking bastard git sod off pain signals up and down my left lower back, buttock and leg.

      It is indeed a wondrous thing.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s why I started doing Yoga, fekkin sciatica. And I have to admit it’s been great at keeping my back in check.

        Poor you, it is miserable, and even having a bath is out as you can’t get in 🀬

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Hi Bryntin, thank you for the mention of my post. I have launched my book today. Sorry about you pain. I’m glad you started this blog tour. When WordPress had the Photo Challenge, one blog linked all the posts on his blog every week.
    Take care of yourself and your dog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well congratulations on your book! It must be a big day for you so I hope it goes well.
      There may be more tours, it was a great way of getting about when I couldn’t. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Yinglan and thanks for dropping by.
      Yes, doing a sort-of-random tour was good fun so I’m sure there’ll be another one… in the meantime, normal silliness ensues here. πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

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