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The Blog Trip: Fallout

I thank you all for your positive feedback on my little blog tour I posted yesterday.

I proposed a name for the tour that might translate well to a hashtag. I’ve always wanted to create a new hashtag and have all the respect, money and wide-eyed awestruck worshipping of the ground I walk on that I believe comes with it.

However, it was not to be this time. Someone else has already strung these four random letters of the alphabet together to snag my proposal for the ‘Great Bryntin Blog Tour’, #GBBT, for their own purposes.

You see, when I searched for the tag to check, I got this.

#GBBT - Twitter Search

Using finely developed skills of perception, I deduced that possibly the inclusion of the words ‘cinema one’ meant that they were referring to a film. Annoyingly, they only use the letters GBBT for it though. I also deduced from the word use of ‘now’ that they also seem to be that annoying sort of person who is tweeting on a phone in the cinema. I have the urge to throw popcorn at this person. Twonk.

I haven’t even proposed a film or, more likely, been approached to buy the rights for one starring Brad Pitt for GBBT yet, so it must stand for something different. And judging by the date on that tweet, it may have been in use for some time.

There were a lot of results along the same lines but one was a bit different.

Screenshot_2018-11-05 #GBBT - Twitter Search

I thought perhaps the film one might be the more popular one. This one might get confused in translation.

I can see that if I continue with GBBT, this might happen…

See that bloke over there, that’s Bryntin, he’s the famous Great British Bellend..’
‘No, it’s tent mate, bell tent..’
‘Oh. Are you sure, he looks like a…’
‘No, I’m sure. It’s tent.’

Anyway, perhaps I’ll do what people who have access to the whole world’s knowledge by the careful selecting of search terms on their preferred electronic device do these days.

Try Google.

gbbt - Google Search

Hmmm… Well, I wasn’t expecting a firm to snag the initials when they don’t even have those initials in their name. They’re GBHI for gods sake!


Ah, hang on, Google recommend a couple of YouTube links. YouTube, video, a better lead for a movie initialed with GBBT I think.
Screenshot_2018-11-05 gbbt - Google Search vids

Well, there is a video about the Glass Bottle Burst Tester. Hang on, I’ll be back.

OK, that was really interesting. Shattering but interesting. Now the other two.

Ah, here we go.

Screenshot_2018-11-05 Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy - Wikipedia

Yes, #GBBT is already in use by fans of the film ‘Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy’ so I can’t invent it.

Bugger. (Which might happen in the film but I haven’t seen it, I’ll leave it for readers to verify)

So, I need a new name for my blog leaping tour.

Hang on, hang on… Blog. Leaping. Tour.


That’s also quite amusing in a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich sort of way and it is nearly lunchtime.

Quick seach.

Screenshot_2018-11-05 #BryntinsBLT - Twitter Search

Sorted. #BryntinsBLT it is.

It’s also time for lunch.

That was straightforward.

12 thoughts on “The Blog Trip: Fallout”

      1. It’s an ever worsening situation, it’s not like I got a little bit lost and left it at that. My grip on reality seems to diminish by the day

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I think the Blog Leaping Tour is a neat idea, and something I’m going to try. I remember when I was on Twitter a fair bit some years ago (perhaps five?) and you could pretty much invent your own hashtags without them already existing. I guess it’s so (over) populated these days the hashtags have to be increasingly obscure. I must say if I came across #BryntinsBLT without the backstory I’d assume you were particularly proud of a sandwich you’d made and there’d be an accompanying picture, or even a video with mayonnaise merged with bacon fat dripping out in slow motion… Think I’m getting overly influenced by M&S food ads!


    1. I know, the entire idea is genius!
      Sell the subconscious image of a gorgeous, tasty lovely BLT sandwich, actually supply a whacky and not always entirely entertaining damp squib of a blog. Too late by then though. 😉


  2. Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy

    Those words will never be uttered by an Academy member. For the record, this is a Filipino comedy, bakla is the tagalog word for a gay male. ‘Tomboy’ is the slang term for a gay woman, aka a lesbian. Such a cinematic experience I would not touch with a ten foot barge pole. The odds of such a film getting referenced on your blog is as infinitesimal as my mother attending a Radiohead concert.


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