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Just the Facts: No Special Theme 1

Welcome to this week’s edition of Just the Facts where I am your guide, bringing you little known snippets of information that you can delight family, friends and colleagues with.

Once again, to convince you of my credentials as a reliable source of facts, I remind you that I am on the internet, a place where facts are as common as bathplugs and likewise come in all shapes and sizes – but are mostly circular and designed to bung a yawning gap.


This week is a more mundane week in the Just The Facts series as it has no overarching theme. After the frankly exhaustive research involved in getting so many thematically linked facts together for the last two weeks, we’re settling down to the more normal seven equally unbelievable but not loosely connected facts. This is also representative of the way my brain works.

  • Because it was done in alphabetical order, Aardvs were the first animals on the ark. To commemorate them being first, Noah allowed them to add ‘ark’ to their name
  • Fracking sometimes results in unwanted pregnancies
  • Before designing phones and stuff for Apple, Jonny Ive starred in a film called ‘Short Circuit’
  • Some people who run for charities also run for buses
  • Tins of baked beans do not have expiry dates printed on them. They have a half-life
  • Shampoo really is made of fake shit
  • On average, the Acid-Spitting Fire-Breathing Seven Razor-Clawed Exploding Dragon kills 1.26 people per week accidentally

Come back next week for  more facts that are just like these but slightly different.

6 thoughts on “Just the Facts: No Special Theme 1”

  1. You’re bound to slip up soon, so far your batting a thousand with your facts. Roger Daltrey recently commented on the tub full of baked beans promo. They used block heaters to try to warm up the Roger and beans entree – he almost froze his bullocks off in there. His ass was getting quite toasty while the rest of his body was quite frigid. Funny he never thought of stirring.

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