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#BryntinsBLT: Blistered Little Toe?

Welcome to this week’s #BryntinsBLT, a randomish tour of blogs – originally inspired by a wet Saturday morning, boredom and back pain some weeks ago – that is based on the number six. I’m Bryntin and BLT officially stands for Blog Leap Tour.

What is it? Well…

I choose a post ‘like’ avatar on my blog – understandably sparse but growing organically as stuff does in sh… good compost – and go to visit their blog, read their latest post and link to that post here. Then I choose one of the ‘like’ avatars on their post – normally the sixth one because it fits the famous ‘six degrees of separation’ trope requirements – go to their blog and do the same etc, etc. I do this so there are six leap landings in all. (Readers of last week’s tour will notice how I combated the pedantic issue there.)

Hopefully the writers of the blogs mentioned here get a meaningful blip of about three new readers visiting on their stats if all of mine click the links.

Also, an ulterior motive might be spotted in that that more people nip in here to see what the heck is going on when I leave a comment or they get a ping back on their blog. Their speed of departure doesn’t matter, their avatar will be captured here on my widget and I can pretend to be really popular for a week or two.

So, are we sitting comfortably and all loose objects stowed safely under the seat or in the lockers provided?

We’ll begin then.

1: Wiltoons

This week I’ll start at Wilt’s place, mainly because Wilt has been following me around for ages and presses the ‘like’ button a lot. I think he has just mistaken it for a ‘kill’ button. However, Wilt is in Canada, Vancouver-ish if I remember right, so we have started our tour with a few good miles under the wings already. 

Wilt does funny cartoons. I will admit that some of the cultural references sometimes go over my head but he is a Goons fan, so there’s a lot of slack to be given for that. Do pop in and say I sent you, perhaps see if he also has a ‘kill’ button.

Sixth like on latest post, them’s the rules I made up…

2. Little Fears

Of course, another cartoonist/illustrator/doodler/artist. (Danger point of the touring, describing what people do, in the way they prefer to be described themselves accurately, and hoping not to cause offence by not using the term they would prefer…. ) and of course cartoonists are to be found liking cartoons.

The familiar little avatar pic  of Little Fears is probably known to many already.  This blog  is a whole universe of characters, accompanied by little stories and vignettes of conversation. Whimsical and humourous nails it nicely and I like it a lot.

Oh, and we came back to ‘somewhere in the UK’ in that leap too.

OK, off we go.

3. Dr Martha Casto Doctor

A new arrival point on the tours, Mexico apparently. I may have slightly shortened Dr Martha’s title a bit. This is entirely to do with my laziness in typing that out in the right order.

There may be something on Dr Martha’s site that will help you feel better, I’m sure I’m beyond it. She knows more (real) factual stuff than me though and she is a cyclist, which I can agree with as being a very good thing indeed.

Into the departure lounge then… ah good, boarding.

4. Mish Sci Fi Musings

Well that was an unexpected leap, and measured in light years, not your puny Earthling miles. We have gone through a Stargate and ended up on another planet!

Oh no, my mistake, it’s just Michelle from somewhere on Earth, America is the guess. Yes, I know, that doesn’t narrow it down very much but we were dealing in light years just now. I do like my SciFi too but perhaps more in book form than TV or film, however Michelle shares her thoughts on Stargate here.

Right, run up the ramp and jump back in to the wormhole thingy…

5. Unbolt Me

OK, slight change to my rules with this pair. It was Tetiana’s avatar that I hit but  her blog with Tony contains absolutely masses of writings, stories, poems etc. so the link goes to their About page and you can start from there. I think Tetiana and Tony are in Ukraine but I stand to be corrected on that.

Honestly, it’s worth exploring if you haven’t already found them but it’ll take ages, it’s more of a portal to strange new worlds than a Stargate is.

Now I’ll go to the latest post myself for proper full rule authenticity and leap off from here.

6. Heart to Follow

This is Samantha’s place and again I have no idea where in the world I am. This is proving to be a tricky part of touring this way, however seeing and reading random blogs is a fun thing to do anyway so it doesn’t really matter as such. It would just help me tot up the mileage for my expenses forms.

Sorry, yes, Samantha is posing a thoughtful question this week so I am sure she doesn’t need any extremely-unlikely-to-be-helpful-at-all input from me.

So we are back home again after what has seemed like a longer tour than usual, but that might just be the way a Stargate jiggles your atoms about. I wonder if that’s also why my stomach is feeling empty.

Time for a proper BLT…

Until next time Tourers!

15 thoughts on “#BryntinsBLT: Blistered Little Toe?”

  1. Aha, thank you. Shared about on the social medias. Get a follow fer that too. Pingbacks and linkies allowed through.Akismet spam blocker decided you should be popped into spam there. Doh! Sorry.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ah, Mrs Echo… Thank you.
      Yes, perhaps some unwitting ‘bubbles’ are revealed.
      I do see some familiar avatars there already when I like a post and smile to myself at what must be similar tastes in writing and humour.

      Liked by 1 person

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