Sometimes I Rhymes: Moon

I was thinking of the Moon. I think it was because we have had clear nights recently and of course with the winter season it now gets dark before I go out for the evening dog walk so there is the moon in its various states of getting nibbled at.

This is the only responsible thing in the household that is definitely and unequivocally ‘my job’. Especially in the dark winter evenings with cold rain, wind, frost, ice, hail or snow. Dog walking, dog clearing up after, dog feeding, dog playing with, dog training, basic dog wearing-out all day duties, all mine.

Then, when we have both had enough of the day and want to get cosy in front of the fire, dog jumps up and curls up on Mrs Bryntin’s sofa, gets all cuddly and lovey-dovey and cute with her and ignores me. Well both of them do actually.

But walks on the clear and crisp dry nights with some stars just popping into view and a big moon are an occasional treat.

I was also thinking about cheese. And spoons.

There was a man left on the moon
They’ll probably go back for him soon
He survives on the cheese
Which comes up to his knees
He just wishes they’d left him a spoon

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