Just the Facts

Just the Facts. Miscellaneous Collection 1

Welcome to this week’s edition of Just the Facts where I am your guide bringing you little known snippets of information that you can delight family, friends and colleagues with.

Once again, to convince you of my credentials as a reliable source of facts, I remind you that I am on the internet, a place where facts are as common as statistics and therefore 110% accurate.

This week there are seven core facts, owing to the daily frequency of needing an apple to keep the doctors away.

  • It is incredibly rare to find a bank robbery in a jar of capers
  • Due to being camera shy, ghosts never go anywhere there is 24/7 CCTV camera coverage
  • The asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs was actually quite pleasant but he had some issues that were getting him down
  • The Bronte sisters had nothing to do with the naming of the brontosaurus as it is actually Latin for ‘thunder lizard’, however Emily did fart often and thunderously
  • When Short Eared Owls and Long Eared Owls mate their eggs contain Average Eared Owls
  • You can propagate your own mint at home by planting TicTacs about two inches down in a good seed compost
  • This page cannot be found‘ is a phrase first used in writing by a special investigator working for King Henry VIII

Come back next week when it’s quite likely something else will be here. 

4 thoughts on “Just the Facts. Miscellaneous Collection 1”

  1. As always, rewarding reading. How you extract funny from such disparate elements makes very droll reading indeed. Perhaps a dog that I can take on long rambling walks might help me in my quest for inspired silliness. I’ve done it in the past, but dog owners can be so proprietary about their pets.

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    1. Thanks Wilt.
      Probably it helps to have a brain that is no way connected to what is actually happening in real life. Even the dog thinks that.
      Mrs Bryntin often says similar too but she always looks more angry than the dog does.

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  2. Reblogged this on wiltoons and commented:
    This man, nay, national treasure (in a country of his own making), draws his inspiration from the brilliant foolishness and zaniness of the Goons and Python. Wordplay and absurdity are his weapons of choice – drop in to O4FS (stands for Oh, for Frank’s sake) and let him give you both barrels.

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