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#BryntinsBLT: Balancing Live Turtles?

Welcome to this week’s #BryntinsBLT, a randomish tour of blogs that is based on the number six and was originally inspired by a wet Saturday morning, boredom and back pain some weeks ago.

I’m Bryntin and BLT officially stands for Blog Leap Tour, not Balancing Live Turtles as you may have thought for some odd reason.

How does it work then? Well…

I choose a post ‘like’ avatar on my blog – understandably sparse but growing organically as stuff does in sh… good compost – and go to visit their blog, read their latest post and link to that post here. Then I choose one of the ‘like’ avatars on that post – normally the sixth one because it fits the famous ‘six degrees of separation’ trope requirements – go to their blog and do the same etc, etc. I do this so there are six leap landings in all.

So far there have been three BLT’s and a bit of a kerfuffle over naming the idea. If you’re new here you might want to check them out too, just hit the link or the BryntinsBLT category menu above this post.

Right then, lets see how this pans out today.

  1.  Silence Killed the Dinosaurs

Today I’m going to start off in Australia and the blog, featured recently on ‘WordPress Discover’, of Lucy Grove-Jones. This gives me:
a/. a large amount of miles to start off with and
b/. the opportunity to say ‘I love Lucy’ and for everyone to go ‘Oh haha’, because the phrase references the title of some old TV show that I’ve actually never seen anyway.
Then hopefully you will all go there to visit too and see why I said it.
Lucy is an illustrator and funny lady who has dealt with some tough times recently and deserves a little of your time to go and see, so please do. You will be both entertained and moved.

Let’s do the six count, hold your nose and leap in thing then.

2. The Vintage Toy Advertiser

The great thing about these tours is never knowing what sort of niches you might happen upon that you didn’t know existed in the first place – and you probably wouldn’t have searched for the subject in the Reader. Although it’s title says Vintage Toys there’s a huge collection of pop-culture stuff from way before the internet to get all nostalgic over in here. Robots, Comics, Lego and all sorts of geeky stuff. I know people who would like it so I’m sending them the link directly to view in the comfort of the computer-filled room of their Mum’s basement.

From what I can gather on the About page I think we’re in France, although the site has contributors from Denmark and Brazil. Racking up the miles quickly today!

Usual thing, stand on the edge and jump in… preferably at the deep end.

3. Graffiti Lux and Murals

OK, we’ve landed up in Canada I think. The landing post is in Spanish but Resa McConaghy’s About page tells me she’s a photographer who particularly likes street art and started off around Toronto and Winnipeg. As I’ve seen from finding other street art enthusiasts on my previous trips around the Thursday Doors links, wherever you go in the world there are always creative individuals struggling against the concrete grimness they find themselves herded into with wit, comment and – possibly illegal – colourful creations.

Luckily we also have the internet to use for blog touring too so we can go off and have a look around like this…

4. A Pondering Mind

Stories. In six words. Pretty efficient.
Sorry, couldn’t resist. Once again I don’t know exactly where in the world I am from the About page but I detect the authors name is Don. Hello Don, if you jump here to see where the ping came from.

I might try a six word story or two, sometimes perhaps the discipline of brevity would be good for me and I’d certainly get in less trouble (although not saying anything at all is sometimes equally dangerous).

I will poke about the site another time soon, there are plenty of longer and more in depth posts to see too.

No hanging about on my BLT’s though, so in six words: #BryntinsBLT was here. Off now. Bye.

5. For Much Deliberation

Right then, I don’t know exactly where we came from but I know where we are now. Swimsuits on, Trinidad and Tobago is where we’ve landed. Last one in is a rotten egg.

As usual with my tour, just one visit like this probably isn’t the way for me to get deep enough into a blog to find all it’s interesting nooks and crannies but it appears that Mart is a geographer and has adequately explored the nooks and crannies of his homeland, as well as turning his hand to some poetry and philosophy.

Sadly not enough time to enjoy the sun… we’re off for the last leap.

6. Renards World

‘Do you have a favourite operating system?’ asks Renard.
Well yes Renard I do, it’s the system that operates me.
However, I think we’re meant to be talking about computers here.
And – bonus – we’re still in Trinidad and Tobago!

Now, I am probably unfairly stereotyping here for simplicity’s sake, however I am damn sure that it is better weather there than it is here.

Grab those sunnies, sip a cocktail while lazing on the beach and stay around for a bit, we’ve finished leaping and can enjoy a bit of a break because let me tell you, from the grey and murky view out of my window right now, I am sure that I don’t need to hurry back.

Thank you for traveling with #BryntinsBLT today, I hope you have enjoyed my random leaping and do visit those that I leaped to myself.

As it is with me, not everything you see here is going to be to your taste but it’s a big world that has plenty of room for both nonsense loving crackpots like me and some other strange types of people in it.

There are more great and moving stories, humour, appreciation of beauty and pure generosity of spirit out there than the headlines and the commercial world lets us see sometimes and there are plenty of ways for them to be expressed so, when you do have time, go visit, see some sights and read some great stories.

Then come back here another time for the usual dross.

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