Just the Facts

Just the Facts: A Right Old Mix 1

Welcome to this week’s edition of Just the Facts, where I will be bringing you little known snippets of information that you can share with your family, friends and colleagues and thereafter bask in the glory of being family chief know-it-all for as long as it takes to type ‘Snopes’.

I feel it falls upon me to convince you of my credentials as a reliable source of facts. I remind you that this site is on the internet, a place where everything is vetted, by vets, and can only then be put down.

A lot of books, mostly without pictures in.

This week there are seven facts. There were going to be eight but one failed the polygraph.

  •  Before eating her first husband, a female black widow spider is just a female black spider
  • Despite thorough investigations by people pretending to look for an old but favourite pair of shoes, the wardrobe which leads to Narnia has never been found again
  • Before door bells, there were door knockers. Before that, callers had to stand around outside your house waiting for you to go out
  • Razor blades are sharper than razor fish
  • Clown fish are funnier than clowns
  • Eating a cream doughnut burns more calories than thinking about eating a cream doughnut
  • If you are in a rush and can’t wait for the sunny weather, you can take your own tomatoes down to the tanning salon to make sun-dried tomatoes

Come back next week when quite probably there will be more of this sort of thing here. Unless they all fail the polygraph.

3 thoughts on “Just the Facts: A Right Old Mix 1”

  1. A batch that made me laugh as much as the last batch. However, Bryntin, like the inevitable heat death of the universe, I cannot increase my laughs incrementally with each Just the Facts post. A laugh horizon could occur causing irreparable damage to the space/time thingee.

    ” callers had to stand around outside your house waiting for you to go out”
    Very funny, that image. I can see Eccles standing out there for years on end.


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