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Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 232

So Ronovan usually gives us two words to work with for his haiku challenge, this week they are foot and mouth

Unusually I thought of two separate verses this time as well.

One of them may be a little contentious for some of you, however leaky wellies can happen to anyone.

In PM May’s mouth
a firmly inserted foot
Her Brexit bullshit.

Hole in my welly
The swollen river mouth crossed
Soppy soggy foot

For other responses to Ronovan’s prompts, some of which might be better than mine and also in haiku and assorted other forms, please nip off to read more at Ronovan’s site here.

12 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge 232”

    1. She’s probably worse… although she hasn’t been found in possession of a smocking gun yet.
      At least he is transparently thick, she is opaque.
      We have asked her thousands of different questions only to get the five different phrases she knows in answer out of her so far, none of them relevant to the question or with any meaning.


      1. *Spits out tea all over laptop screen*
        Umm… OK…
        ‘Britain’ does not hate ‘Europe’.
        I feel to fully explain the ins and outs of how a entitled (and possibly literally titled) old and colonial era ‘ruling class’ successfully shifted the blame for GB’s social and economic ills onto a ‘foreign’ (but actually successful) institution and are trying to take it ‘back’ for themselves to lord it (again, almost literally ‘Lord it’) cannot be answered fully by a simple reply to your comment on a humorous (ish) blog.
        Maybe the simplest answer is ‘we don’t but we temporarily let the loonies get away with something that we shouldn’t have’.
        You may know the feeling.


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