The Silly SOD Verses: The ‘Not Quite Random But Might As Well Be’ Three Word Challenge

“I knew someone would have had this idea before. It crossed my mind to do a silly verse with the SOD words – and anyone that acronym appeals to is automatically a fine person in my eyes.” Bryntin

“You should totally do the Silly SOD Verses. It’s crying out to be given the Bryntin touch.” The Lockwood Echo

“Yes, it’s the perfect thing for you to do! I look forward to them!” sadiewolf2014

The Lockwood Echo ‘A SOD It Love Story’

Oh dear.

Some explanation is required I think.

When you log in to WordPress, generally it opens up in the ‘Reader’ home page. On this you can see a list in the form of an excerpt of the latest posts from all the blogs you follow.

Also on top of the Reader page is a search box for looking for certain subjects, for example I might type in ‘idiot’ to see all the posts on WordPress that are about President Trump.

Underneath that search box are the meat of SOD posts. WordPress suggest you that might want to look for posts based on any of their three suggested words that day.

SOD is the slightly tortured shortening, into acronym form, of the phrase ‘Suggestions Of the Day’

Here’s the rub. These words generally seem to have been chosen by some sort of bingo letter machine.

OK, perhaps not quite as random as that.

They are, in fact, whole and real words but I don’t think anyone really knows how these words came to be suggested for you in particular. They certainly are not words or related subjects to those I might have searched before.

But I now have the details of the algorithm used.

First, the computer that you used to log-in’s IP address is separated into three sets of numbers, they use tweezers for this as they’re very small. If there are any left over, they’re remaindered. Each of those groups is then shaken around in the random electronic numerical jigglerator on gas mark 5 for 5 minutes.

The resulting jiggled sets of numbers – usually two or three are lost somewhere in the machine each time but you ideally need three sets altogether, odd ones are OK – are then used as the coordinates for page number, line number and number of words across the page in the selected novel. The novel is from the New York Times, occupying the position in their Fiction Bestsellers chart that matches with the day number in the month. As this list only goes up to 15, sometimes they go round more than once as they count.

Finally, the words three back and two up from those ones are typed in to the internet page, in between episodes of throwing handfuls of his poo at visitors, by a three year old chimpanzee in London Zoo called Eric.

Voila, the SOD words appear as you log on

So I read a post at The Lockwood Echo, who had used the words as a starting point for a post (linked at the top), an idea for which she herself credited to a few posts by Ceeona based on a 3 Random Words series by Brian of Bonnywood Manor
Got that?

And then I made the comments that you saw at the top, mentioning that I had thought…. well, it’s all there.

And here we are.
Let’s have a break.

Ah, hello. Sorry to wake you. Luckily now an explanation won’t ever be necessary again.

Right then, today’s SOD words are:

Good grief… really? Monkeys is one of the words again…? (First example suggested words: groovy, sous vide, Monkeys, remember? Sorry, I know you’ve had a sleep since then.)

I think Eric is thinking about the Monkeys. Perhaps they are in the enclosure next door and he’s jealous they are getting fresher-looking fruit than he is. Perhaps theirs is even attractively cooked sous vide. Maybe there’s a plan forming in his mind involving overpowering the next keeper in his enclosure, stealing his uniform and making his escape into the wider and glamorously sous vide fruited world. Possibly he’ll be waiting for a keeper who has the same inside leg measurements as him and is wearing a groovy hat.

Lord knows how our suggested words would be generated if he escapes.

Sorry, I digressed a bit. So a limerick I think. Involving Iceland, Overwatch and Monkeys. How hard could that be.

A wild bearded viking from Iceland
Kept monkeys who helped on his farmland
They overwatch his sheep
While our farmer is asleep
You can buy them, they’re ‘Baa-nana’ brand

No keyboards or monkeys were intentionally harmed during the writing of this piece.

Please come again one day, if only to reaffirm to yourself that you shouldn’t have bothered this time.

12 thoughts on “The Silly SOD Verses: The ‘Not Quite Random But Might As Well Be’ Three Word Challenge”

    1. Thank you Claudette, you may notice that silly is very much in evidence here so glad to have a fellow silly person laughing… 😉
      Re. Merry Christmas (can’t avoid it but would if I could), probably not, but hope you and yours enjoy your own.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, in a way. The image was from a stock site but the photographer states it was ‘inspired by’ The Matrix. I guess ‘inspired by’ in this instance actually means ‘idea totally nicked and hardly changed from’. 😉


  1. Excellent! Oh Claudette, what have you created?! I’m so glad you’ve explained how the words are chosen in the first place. Was quite the conundrum, but that makes complete sense. Off to Google ‘sous vide’…….

    Liked by 1 person

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