The Silly SOD Verses: Number 2

Open the WordPress Reader.
Just below the search box at the top of that are three words that are ‘suggested’ by an advanced algorithm and Eric (see here).
This we call ‘Suggestions Of the Day’.

The idea is to use these words in a verse of some kind. And this being my blog, where any form of seriousness would be frowned on if frowning itself wasn’t banned for appearing too serious, probably a silly one would fit the bill.

Although if you frown while trying to work out if something I’ve done is funny or not, I could understand that, but you can rest easy there because I can’t see you.

As far as you know.

This is the second attempt at an entertaining verse including these not random at all words, the first being at the end of the first post here, which is in the same place as there was.

As you can see, the title of the post is a very creative and inventive play on this concept that the likes of a FTSE 100 corporation would probably pay a branding and marketing company squillions of pounds to come up with.
Perhaps I could try to get into that sort of business as I surely have the required clever lateral and inventive thinking.

Which puts me in mind of this competition winner recently… well, I say recently but it’s more ‘I recently saw it on the socials and have now just noticed the date’ so some time ago is probably more accurate.

Steve beat my entry ‘Leisure Centre Selby’ by cleverly rearranging the words. A deserving winner.

Anyway, today’s SOD is:

You never overpowers

A zombie with some flowers,

You bore it with politics instead

then use an axe to chop off its head

To all those regular readers that remember me saying I wouldn’t be posting anything else in December, I actually wrote this before I wrote that and scheduled it, so nah na na naaah na…

4 thoughts on “The Silly SOD Verses: Number 2”

  1. Steve is truly gifted. A natural. And Selby are lucky to have him. I feel I should partake of another SOD. I need to nominate a day in advance so my choice of words is thrust upon me, in the true spirit of the game. I was very lucky the first time and equally envy your selection here. I think boring anyone/thing with politics would be a very effective method of dispatchment (I may have just made that word up).

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