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Just the Facts: Nearly 2019 Edition

Welcome to this week’s edition of Just the Facts, for which I am happy to be your guide, bringing you some little known snippets of information that you can delight family, friends and colleagues with as long as they’re not too clever themselves.

Once again, to convince you of my credentials as a reliable source of facts, I remind you that I am on the internet, a place where facts are as common as statistics and therefore 110% accurate.

This week, although technically we are still in 2018, the year is just about finished and we’ll be welcoming – and will be decidedly hopeful for at least an incremental improvement – 2019. What could be better at this indecisive period of time than to go over some facts about 2018 that almost every website, news outlet and TV magazine show might have missed this week in their numerous – and now we have had everything repeated even if it wasn’t great fun the first time round – 2018 recaps?


  • January was the first month in 2018
  • February was the shortest month in 2018 in terms of days and also the only one that started with an ‘F’ all year. Many Christmas credit card bills became due for payment at about this time, so this may account for the large ‘F’.
  • March is always mad and 2018’s March was no exception.
  • April 2018 was distinguished this year by appearing just after March but over four weeks before May.
  • May 2018 was strangely not the shortest month, unless you were playing Scrabble. In that game it was still a fairly high scoring option when in the right place, being one of the months with a ‘y’ in it, although of course there are no numbers in Scrabble so they aren’t much help any year.
  • June 2018 started off the annual ‘a possible girl’s name that starts with a J’ season. Some people can mangle the rest of the months into being a name but generally this is the easiest one that begins with a J
  • July 2018 was distinguished by being exactly one year number higher than last years. My friend Julie had her birthday this month as well, which she has done for many years
  • August 2018 had the distinction of having a rare ‘g’ make an appearance. This hadn’t happened since roughly 12 months ago.
  • September 2018 introduced the idea of having an ’ember’ in the month name. This turns out to be a popular move, which you will see as it made numerous reappearances later in the year
  • October 2018 had seen the tactic employed by August using a unique ‘g’ and went for the higher scoring ‘c’. Unfortunately it ruined all it’s good work by using a common word relating to the number 8 for its beginning while actually coming tenth that year and not noticing the ‘c’ in March.
  • November 2018 saw the beginning of the Christmas 2018 season which is due to finish by 2019
  • December 2018 saw the year finish off with the third sequel in the ’ember’ series. It made exactly the same mistake as October by using a word relating to ten at its beginning when it actually came twelfth. Unusually critics agreed that, although the third in the series, it was nearly as good as the first ’ember’ month but it didn’t have the same warmth.

I hope that you enjoyed reminiscing about 2018 and come back again next year to see if there’s any way my 2019 facts could be any more banal than these or if they’re just exactly the same but with the numbers changed.

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