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Obligatory 2018 Facts and Figures Blog Review post

Hello and welcome to the O4FS end of 2018 totally honest facts and figures wrap up post. In the absence of anyone to slap my back and say ‘Well done, you nutter,’ I’ll have to just congratulate myself like I see so many others doing already today.

I probably won’t call me a nutter though.

The O4FS site has been in existence since October 18th this year. October 18th 2018 was also notable for being the day that Kleenex discontinued selling ‘Mansize’ tissues, which might have made it more difficult to wipe away the copious tears of laughter prompted by reading my first post. However, I expect there was plenty of toilet roll.

Since that day, the blog has amassed 74 followers, of which at least 65 are real. Oddly, (actually, evenly) 74 is exactly the same number as the days between October 18th and December 31st. I like a good coincidence and the rate of one a day seems familiar but unfortunately is still well short of the five a day people recommend you should have.

I have visited the blogs of every one of those 74 at least once. I do scratch my head and wonder why some of them are choosing to follow me at all – I’m not judging – but some I don’t have to because we all have some of those spam/robo/marketing follows and there’s no mystery what their motives are. I also choose to believe that the really religious bless you, bless this, bless us all sorts are probably not immune to humour, which is fine as long as they’re not in here visibly making signs of the cross and throwing holy water at me.

I have so far resisted using the widget that totals all your social follower accounts together and shows that as your total follower number, mainly because I don’t really care and, frankly, it wouldn’t be that much higher anyway.

So far I have apparently published 45 posts in total. Happily, most of them are really short, however I’ve still published 25,165 words in total, and a lot of them were real ones like you see in dictionaries. If you double that figure for editing, deleting, changing and completely rewriting before the post is published (and, likely, after it’s been published as well) then it probably still won’t be right as there have been so many deleted draft posts as well.

There have been 514 likes and 359 publishable comments and they come from all over the world. I do have a Twitter account linked to the blog (@O4FSBryntin) but otherwise the complete lack of promotion has seen the blog following grow only by luck.

So, now you have all of the facts and figures for the just over ten weeks of the O4FS blog’s existence. I have to say that it has been an enjoyable hobby so far and that my complete lack of any long term ambition shines through everything I have achieved with it.

Next, an idea of where it’s heading and what the aims for my blogging are for the next year.

OK, I’ll have to come back to you on that. See you in 2019.

27 thoughts on “Obligatory 2018 Facts and Figures Blog Review post”

  1. A man after my own heart, I too am not interested in numbers of followers or likes. I have just under 700 followers of whom only 2-3 really engage. They are good fun and have become good friends …. one a wine blogger from Italy and one a travel blogger from Lincolnshire. I wouldn’t swap them for another 700 sleeper followers!

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      1. Happy New Year too! I poke lots of fun at folks too, especially the serious wine types who engage in the β€œfruit salad bingo” approach to wine tasting notes.

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  2. I’ve just found your Twitter account for this blog. It was in my ‘Who to follow’ box, so I took its advice. And that led me here, although I’m behind on chronological reader reading, my preferred modus operandi. I am one of those self-congratulating and have just shamelessly asked for views. You have indeed flung yourself far and wide Bryntin and you have every right to shout, puff your chest feathers and blow your trumpet. And all at the same time if you can. I’ve voiced this before; if we don’t tell people about what we’re doing and achieving, we may as well just write this all on paper and stick it under the bed. Congratulations for a year ended well and here’s to the next one πŸ˜‰

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    1. I’m blushing now, Ms Echo. Although it appears my tongue may not have been wedged in my cheek hard enough if there’s any sign of puffing my chest out!
      I can’t be about all that pinning your posts everywhere and running about doing Facebook groups or trumpet blowing at all (I have joined those FB groups before and found a few friendly sorts and similar idiots but lordy, there’s a lot of taking it Very Seriously Indeed sorts in them too. Can’t cope with that, it twists my ridiculous muscles something chronic). So no, I don’t shout about me all that much really.
      Happy New Year to you and your young man. πŸ˜‰

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      1. I’m sure it would be easy to amass huge numbers by clicking follow on every blog we find. Very disingenuous though. I’ve canvassed for visitors today because I’m on the cusp of a milestone that would give me a psychological boost. But I’d hope for only genuine interest. Knowing I’m now not going to reach that milestone won’t take anything away from me. I struggle to admin just my blog and Twitter! HNY 😊

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  3. Well done you nutter! I enjoyed the last blog, I’m enjoying this one and I’d like to join you in O4FS is 2018 not done yet!
    Happy New Year! πŸ₯³

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  4. Happy Chri… er, new year. One of my clocks tells me it’s seven minutes past new year, the other says it’s four minutes. Which am I to believe? Anyway – happy new year, whatever the time it is. Are you watching the fireworks? I’m assuming there are some (I’m not watching any). Congrats on the progress of yer blog. I suspect (don’t you?) that some of your readers may have sneakily crept over from Bryntin and your other blog. Like me. Only I didn’t creep, I just sort of… walked.

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    1. Thank you Val, you too. I do New Year, it’s sort of real enough… (there are arguments for the arbitrary attachment of human meaning to dates that are only human of course, but we’ll skip over that deep philosophy for now…) πŸ˜‰
      Yep, many have come ‘across’ for my brand of silly… I expect they’ll all get bored in the end.
      Happy New Year and thank you for your support Val. πŸ™‚

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  5. Congratulations! Thanks for all the great reads you’ve provided. I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff in 2019. And I promise I will try to be less of a lurker and more of an active liker.

    Happy New Year!

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  6. Happy New year!

    One new follower each day of your blog is blooming amazing. I don’t think I have even close to that many! I can’t even imagine having 5 every day!!

    Anyway I hope 2019 is similarly nutty for you!!

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  7. Your blog is undoubtedly the most amusing I follow. Like others have said, for my blog I value the engagement and conversation far more than just anonymous figures. I’d rather have 10 readers who all comment regularly than 1000 who never say a word and just do that cop out β€œlike” thing. Long may you blog and grow!

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    1. Thank you Dan… and yes, you’re right, it is always more fulfilling to have the real engagement over a like… although I hope a small proportion of those are genuine as well… I expect they can’t think of anything to say after yet more silliness from me!
      Happy New Year to you.


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