Currently Resting

I feel it coming, a wave of doubt and uncertainty, a subtle humour change.

Then the ridiculous, irreverent and surreal that normally fills these pages – having made a brief stop at language mangling control – is not flowing.

Even I start to think it’s all too silly and start getting concerned with the ‘news’ and the injustice of the real world. That’s a sign of trying to understand the madness, which can drive you mad.

And I can’t think that it would be helped by me joining in much.

Then I seem to be worn out without doing anything at all and I am aware there is a definite wobble on. It’s another MS relapse.

Time for a rest.

We’ll be back.


18 thoughts on “Currently Resting”

      1. I don’t have the medical challenges you’ve spoken of previously, but I feel at a similar point some days. Working all day, then some time with kids in the evening, then trying to fit in time with my wife, time writing new blog posts and so on, then getting enough sleep to be ready for the next day… It doesn’t all fit, but sometimes I force it too much then end up frazzled and grumpy the next day…

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      2. Yep, certainly recognise those pressures, I had them too before work was no longer possible. Look after yourself if you can though, no prizes for successfully doing everything and then being too broken to do anything else afterwards.


  1. Yes Bryntin. I do understand that malaise. I have gone in a bit of different direction, seeking not the funny, though not pathos in particular. Perhaps a little closer to truth, whatever that is, and allow things to flow organically from that. I see a lot of previous bloggers who have seemingly abandoned their sites, and often wonder what happened, though the reasons are, in all likelihood, so prosaic and amorphous as to be beneath explanation. (certainly not because I followed them) You kindly mentioned that you are resting, which puts yourself up a notch in my estimation, though I can understand not having much bond with a invisible, and often fickle audience. It is a tenuous business, this blogging. I hate to haul out the ‘enjoy your rest’ sentiment as it smacks of having gotten over a long illness – let’s just agree that life itself could be characterized as this illness, and sometimes you need to sit out and assess the damage. There’s a positive note to end on. Enjoy your rest.

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    1. Thanks Wilt, nice to see you around again… there’s some catching up to do if you have time!

      I’ve been following and enjoying your recent direction changes too.

      I’ll have these phases, I know I do and now I’ve written a post that I can just put up, like a ‘Back in 5 minutes’ sign on a shop door!

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  2. Rest Dear friend and remember the words of the great Phil Connors,
    “I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate lobster, drank Piña Coladas. At sunset, we made love like sea otters. That was a pretty good day. Why couldn’t I get that day over and over and over?”
    February 2nd is right around the corner.

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  3. christ that sounds familiar! I’m currently tying up a couple of loose ends so that I can also rest peacefully if not ‘in peace’ just yet. It gets overwhelming sometimes, mostly right now I am screening out so much, that all I have energy for is family.

    Hope your energy levels start to rise again soon, take it easy

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    1. They’re back (my energy levels) at the moment but frustratingly I have some sciatica which is leading me to an expletive-filled lying-on-the-floor existence… On the postitive side, I haven’t done any washing up or cooking for a week.

      Keep well. 😉

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