Just the Facts

Just the Facts: Renegotiated for factualness

Welcome to this week’s edition of Just the Facts, in which I am happy to be your guide bringing you some little known snippets of information that you can delight family, friends and colleagues with, as long as they’re not too clever or inquisitive themselves of course.

This week, and following on from my Brexit explainer, I have sought to renegotiate the facts that I was originally intending to publish as true some time ago in the hope that I may actually publish some true ones by the time we have another vote on it.

  • The UK Government yesterday voted against itself to allow an attempt to renegotiate an agreement that they had themselves successfully negotiated with the EU people they were negotiating with, but could not negotiate an agreement with their own party on the results of that negotiation, so the PM is heading back to the EU to try to negotiate the renegotiation of the negotiation in order that they can then renegotiate that negotiation to the satisfaction of Parliament.
  • The EU aren’t interested in renegotiation.

Sorry, nobody knows anything beyond that and in fact the whole thing is still as mysterious as it was in 2016.

Come back next week to see if anybody knows anything at all then.

11 thoughts on “Just the Facts: Renegotiated for factualness”

  1. As evidence of how numbed everyone’s minds have become with all the negotiations, I think you slipped a “renogitiation” in there, which is also rather difficult to pronounce. I’m not sure if this was a test to see if we were still reading? : ) Although when you Google renogitiation is does give 154 results so perhaps it is a real word after all? The truth is out there…

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    1. You don’t expect me to be good at crossing i’s and dotting t’s as well do you?
      Although surreptitiously slotting extra meaningless words in and hoping nobody notices sounds familiar somehow…

      Thank you, I’ve now renegotiated the article with the spell checker and have decided to follow the decisive recommendations it offered in the form of slightly wiggly red lines.


    1. There was a word invented on ‘The Thick of It’ (apart from the Malcolm Tucker character exclaiming “Fuckityfuckfuck, fuck fuck fuck!” once, which was very eloquent) which is also apt, ‘omnishambles’.
      We’re using it quite a lot.

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  2. Talking of a race to the bottom; I have time to catch up on here whilst at work, but on my phone it’s easier to go through my reader in reverse chronological order. Which messes with my brain. But at least I’m making progress, albeit backwards. I think you’ve got it in a nutshell here and am looking forward to looking backwards and reading your Brexit explainer.

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