Sometimes I Rhymes: Tidy

In the interest of taking care of the planet, please dispose of this post responsibly when you have finished with it. If you must print it, make sure it’s on absorbent paper.

On my blogs list and on my Twitter
She's mentioned at least forty times today
'How to get yourself tidy'
In some 'Marie Kondo' way

She has a method apparently
I've not bothered reading, it's true
But I guess, from all the new mentions and posts
That you've recently seen her around too

There's a bit of a fuss about books
Some say she's extreme, with some bleakness
They say she recommends going without books
In her book, a book about neatness

But as far as I can see, about litter
On the internet and the word on the street
The name Kondo is just about everywhere
Tidy her away, that'll be neat


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