Silly SOD Verses: Tasty

I have a confession.

Often I log in to WordPress and I just take a screenshot of the Suggestion of the Day words, intending to use them to construct a Silly SOD rhyme, perhaps later on that day.

Then I forget about it completely.

Today is different. Today I’ve logged in and there they are and, maybe if not exactly ‘in the mood’, I am at least awake.

So, lets have a go at this, right now. No messing. Just all impulsive and stream of consciousness style. Bang, knock one out.

Oh.. er..


A haiku I think, saves finding rhymes.

Vegan on the beach
quite delicious in the sun
spit-roasted rarely

Probably wash that down with a nice cool beer. Ideal.

Disclaimer: No actual whole vegans were eaten during the making of this post.

( Silly SOD Verses. How the words are generated. Probably. )

4 thoughts on “Silly SOD Verses: Tasty”

    1. Ah yes, I forgot, I was going to do a link to how they’re generated. Added that at the bottom now.
      And the graphic is a crop of one of their image library pics, I think an abstract sums up my content really.


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