Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge No. 242

Nearly forgot to do a Ronovan Writes Haiku for you this week. My inbox has been absolutely filled with your demands for satisfaction and also quite a lot of requests for the provision of your usual scintillating silly syllaballicity.

So with the requests – that I literally am the only one reading so you’ll have to take my word for what they all say – piling up by the second in my intray, lets have a look at the prompt words for this week.

They are Scream and Feather.

I am feeling generous, let us do both a dark and light themed verse. I’ll leave which way round they are to you.

A chicken's death screams
Feathers removed by machines
Filleted silence

Sorry, that was probably the dark one. Unless you’re Colonel Sanders.

Don't feather the gas
Accelerate into screams
Evil bus driver

Yeah… OK, looks like once we got ‘screams’ I couldn’t do ‘light’.

Why not head off to Ronovan Writes for some more or less satisfying efforts right now – possibly by people who treat things more cheerfully, or at least are doing this stuff seriously – by pressing here?

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