Why Follower Numbers Are a Crock of Shit and How I Actually Respond When Ghost ‘Follow’ Notifications Wind Me Up

People who have followed me for a while know that some days I get a bit wound up with this ‘ghost following’ stuff as I call it.

I had the little red blob and a ‘New Follower’ notification just now but there was no sign of an actual visit on my blog on the stats. So, being particularly grumpy as I put my effing back out again a couple of hours ago, I chose to single out this particular new ‘follower’ and respond today.

Of course, having a moan about it on my blog won’t do anyone any good because these people don’t actually visit your blog to see it. But it does help to let out some frustration over the back pain.

So that’s all good then.

Hello Sharvi,

Today I had a notification that you had followed my blog.
This was interesting as my blog has had one visit, one like and one comment today. These were all from the same person and that person wasn’t you.

So what I surmise from that is that you probably pressed Follow on my blog from the reader without actually visiting it, possibly in the hope that you will pick up a follower by return. Not even the courtesy of giving a post a ‘like’ at the same time.

On this occasion, you haven’t gained a follower back. However, your blog will be featuring on mine as a screenshot of this exact email titled ‘Why follower numbers are a crock of shit and how I actually respond when ghost ‘Follow’ notifications wind me up’ post soon.

Blogging can be so gratifying and I love it when even my scant amount of readers actually engage with the author and join in the fun. You might enjoy it if you did actually read some too.

Thanks for that.


32 thoughts on “Why Follower Numbers Are a Crock of Shit and How I Actually Respond When Ghost ‘Follow’ Notifications Wind Me Up”

    1. Thank you Trev.
      In a window onto my scintillating real life, I had just bled a radiator on the landing and knocked some washing that was drying off of it. I bent down to pick it up and my howls of pain could probably be heard across the county as I came back up again.
      Hopefully just a twinge that’ll settle down again quickly.

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  1. I find disingenuous following disheartening. I give a ‘ghost’ follow the benefit of the doubt in the hope they’re effectively bookmarking for a future visit. Your ghost is also following me. I groan more at likes on posts that I can see haven’t been read. Only a comment can really prove a post was read, but at least let the stats show you bothered to click on it! I’m currently having my comments on other blogs liked by someone. I say ‘liked’, I feel stalked! No pattern or connection, so unsure if it’s a ‘hey, look at me’ tactic or not. Take it easy, get better soon. 😊

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    1. Yep, I find likes without visits odd but follows without visits or likes first are definitely a red flag.
      This is mostly why I choose not to use the follower number widgets too, stops people (particularly beginners) following because they see an impressive looking number (not here, obviously) instead of having the confidence to just genuinely like (or not) your stuff.

      Thank you for the good wishes, bloody old age or something… although with two bouts of sciatica in a last few months as well I may have to go and make sure there’s nothing amiss in there somewhere.

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      1. I suppose we are not too far from…the ghost comment, as users become less enthralled with ghost following.

        “I enjoyed your post entitled ‘insert title of post here’. Keep it up. ” thumbs up or whatever emoji.

        Keep pasting variations of that in comment boxes. Oh wait, I’m being told that that kind of malarkey is already occurring.

        Anyway, it is a theme we have touched on many times in the past Bryntin. It happens on Instagram I notice too. Suspiciously fast likes , like on WP. The world has become contingent on likes , subs , and follows. Imagine if all your followers actually read your posts! (As opposed to the six who actually do, in my case) Cheers!

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      2. Yep, I know it’s a pet hate all round for proper original bloggers and a regular one for me, first time I’ve felt it worth ‘calling out’ this time (it’s the grouches brought on by the pain I expect!)


      3. And I am truly sorry to hear of your sciatica. My wife is currently off work because of it. I’d be interested (since Im of an age) of hearing how you are coping. My wife’s in chiro AND acupuncture at the moment.

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      4. Just some stretch exercises and a lot of eeeks, ows and %^&*”@##’s so far… This time it’s not sciatic thankfully, just tweaked something painful. I hope your wife’s treatments settles it down for her soon.


    1. I hadn’t thought of using them like that… but I don’t really see that the reader excerpt gives you enough to go on for getting interested in a new-to-you blog, but fair enough, there may be another reason for it.

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  2. Excellent outing there Bryntin. My favourite ‘like’ or ‘follow’ I receive to my blog is when I click back on the liker or follower’s blog to see what they’re about, and the page comes up: ‘This blog no longer exists’. What the huff is that about?? The other fun one is when I post a (fairly often) long post and I get an immediate ‘like’… it’s like, how fast can these people read even the Reader?
    Ah. Get well soon your backache, I pulled mine at work recently and it’s no fun is it.

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    1. Yep, it’s literally a pain in the bum.
      There is a great variety of techniques and possible reasoning it seems, from bot follows to vanity and ulterior motive ones.
      Great to see you popping in. πŸ™‚

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      1. Oh dear! Sorry to hear that! Yes I am actually hoping to go for a massage tomorrow or the next day, no feet though!


  3. I feel the same as you. I would rather have fewer followers that actually read, and occasionally like and comment, than several thousand followers in name only. I have a few blogs I follow that the counter says have two or three thousand followers, yet when I read their posts, only one or two likes and comments are listed. You’d think with that many followers, there’d be more likes or comments.

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  4. Ghost following… why do they bother? I never follow anyone’s blog that I don’t have intentions of reading and commenting on. The drive by liking annoys me as well.
    You liked 6 of my posts in 94 seconds? Chances are good you didn’t read them and have no idea who I am… which is probably a good thing.
    I used to remove them from my list, but they just seem to come back stronger.
    Like warts.

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    1. Yes, there are some cynical, all-about-the-numbers bloggers out there to rail against. I’m afraid my wart hasn’t come back to deny anything yet so I don’t know if it’s stronger.

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      1. Probably best to not hold my breath eh?
        By the way, thank you for visiting, I see you have come via a comment of mine on Nick’s blog. I hope it was equally as fun as his.

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