Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge No.247

Welcome to my latest efforts at writing a haiku based on the prompt words provided by Ronovan here.

Now, I have just noticed that my headline for my haiku posts, ‘Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes’, has actually been used quite a lot more than its opposite, ‘Sometimes I Rhymes’. In fact, if you have visited the blog over the last few months, you maybe thinking that you’ve never seen me rhyme at all and may wonder if ‘I Don’t Rhymes’ is not so much ‘Sometimes’ but ‘Most Times’.

So I did a rhyme, just to show you that sometimes I do rhymes.

I can assure you that it happens
just not very often now
but at least you’ll get some form of verse
even if it’s not highbrow

There, sheer quality, and should probably whet some appetites for the next time you see a ‘Sometimes I Rhymes’ headline. Of course, you could just look at some posts headed ‘Sometimes I Rhymes’ as well, which would justify me keeping them hanging around here.

Anyway, this weeks prompt words, ideal for testing the syllabletasticness of wordsmiths, and especially those with stretch-to-fit elasticated dictionaries are; Kind and Mind

There will now be a short break while I make something up. Artistically of course.

Mind over matter
With the kind of brains I have
Needs a big hammer

Now, if you really want to see some quality and thoughtfulness applied to the Ronovan Writes Haiku prompt, why not pop along on this link to his site, where there will doubtless be displays of approaching the whole thing with a slightly more serious kind of mind.

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