Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge No.249

Welcome to my latest efforts at writing haiku based on the prompt words provided by Ronovan here.

This weeks prompt words are… Pitch and Tone.

Now, we have to think about these words and what sort of themes they bring to mind. Pitch and tone are obviously musical qualities or perhaps the inflections giving context in a conversation, but Mrs Bryntin insisted that the first thing that came into her mind was ‘a rugby pitch and big, muscly, toned bodies’.

It seems we might not have been interested in the same things when we were watching the Six Nations rugby matches recently.

Anyway, working with the tools of the trade – thesaurus, dictionary, deadline – and trying to disregard Mrs Bryntin asking me to wear rugby kit to bed tonight instead of pyjamas – let’s see if we can get something not hilariously misshapen into the syllables.

they run on the pitch
buff men with muscle and tone
oh, they’re odd shaped balls

Sorry, once the rugby thing was in my head…

Don’t forget to pop off to Ronovan’s site here if you fancy reading the proper ones people write.

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