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Increase your blog following by at least 10% NOW!

I know what you’re thinking. Normally there’s a ‘Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes’ haiku post, on this blog, at about this time of the week and about here.

Console yourselves with the fact that this post, while not being a ‘Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes’ one is, in fact, also very unlikely to rhyme. Well, not all the time. Although it might accidentally. It’s not a crime.

Anyway, it’s showtime.

A picture of a chopping board with a tape measure on it. Maybe the carrots need to be exactly the right length.

I am here today writing this new advice post for my fellow bloggers about how easy it is, should you want to, to increase the number of followers for your blog, with an air of authority imbued by my own real life results.

Imagine that! Free, and honest, unfettered by invoices and bills and funny old trick clickbait titles. Advice with some good old-fashioned and solid experience behind it!

Yes, I can tell you exactly how to increase your blog’s followers by at least 10% in just one post.

Of course, it might not work for you at all. Or, it might actually be even better for you. (Do of course be aware that predictions – especially ones provided by the method ‘hold a finger up in the air and then guess’ – can be wrong as well as right. I also don’t want to be accused of having paid someone to provide the outcome most advantageous for me when it does go right or anything.)

Proof, of course, should be backed up with evidence, not just meaningless, or plain untrue, rhetoric.

Just two weeks ago, my blog had 100 followers. Now it has 110. This is not just ‘about 10%’, ‘more or less 10%’ or ‘9.8% rounded up’. It’s 10%.

What has Bryntin done to increase his readership by this amount in only two weeks?

Well, I provided less content.

What’s that you ask? Does he really mean he increased his readership with less content, not more? That seems to good to be true!

Well yes, I did! But of course I meant not less content on the blog but less content in me!

Haha, fooled you!

Yes, just a few days ago I published a post about my ongoing attempts and commentary at a loss of weight, but crucially, and more – ahem – relevantly than most of my tagging, I’d used the tag ‘weight loss’ on it.

And what happened?

Well I attracted some new followers. 10% more.

Here is a selection of these new followers.

Well of course, I’ve got followers now that are experts in the very thing I was posting about. It is so obvious, all it took was a post about my weight loss effort and a simple tag stating ‘weight loss’. Genius!

Never mind that this one blog post tagged ‘weight loss’ does not represent what is likely to be found on the blog the rest of the time. It doesn’t matter! They’re followers! New ones!

Now, admittedly I haven’t yet posted a follow-up post to see if they come back again. And it may be that this post is not exactly the kind of thing that they were following me for. They are possibly only interested in the ones that are about weight loss. I expect it’s because that’s what they blog about themselves.

I did think in a weak moment that it may be that they weren’t actually really wanting to follow me but wanting me to follow them by appearing to follow me.

But I stopped myself from thinking that by the simple application of pure maths.
10% extra pure.

Unfortunately there is only a slim chance (OK, a fat chance) of me following them back to perhaps increase their own following, which might seem a little unfair of me but it seems most of them have more than enough followers already.

For your own attempts to increase your blog following, simply tag all your posts with ‘weight loss’ and see what happens.

Yes, they may not actually read what you write but you’ll have a bigger number on your follower number widget, guaranteed*

*The word guaranteed is used here as a turn of phrase and should not be construed to actually be a guarantee.

22 thoughts on “Increase your blog following by at least 10% NOW!”

  1. Ha! FITin56 followed me last week as well and I posted nothing about weight loss. But yes, key words always seem to drum up new followers…. I get a bunch every time I tag travel. They must be very disappointed when (more likely if) they read my nonsense.

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  2. On a related note Bryntin I went through my followers just a few days ago and deleted anyone with a less than genuine and personal sounding name. You know, like biztips77 or SEOguru. Surprisingly not as many followers were culled as I expected, perhaps only 2 or 3%. Felt good to weed them out though.

    What you mention about following back is one of the great mysteries of the internet to me. If these people only follow someone else, so they then follow them back, then none of them are actually following a blog because – and here’s a novel idea – you actually enjoy reading that person’s thoughts and the images they share and look forward to each post… It’s all so fake and pointless, I can’t be doing with it.

    An offline equivalent might wearing silly looking heavily branded clothing just to attract other people who are wearing silly looking heavily branded clothing to attract other people too. Even though none of them actually like or, more importantly, feel comfortable in it. I mean, who would do this? Er…

    I almost want to try your #weightloss tip on a new post though to play games with these people, ha ha. We could have a competition to see who can attract the most weightless and diet experts!

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    1. I don’t know why I bother pointing it out and posting about it so much when quite clearly I don’t really give a toss about these people. I think it’s just to share my exasperation about the sheer absurdity of it all, in my eyes anyway.

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      1. I agree. There is much that goes on online that baffles me, and I really hope that people aren’t so foolish enough to fall for it and jump aboard. Alas, they do!

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  3. I always enjoy your posts on the shell game that is social media. It is a love/hate relationship, or Like/Hate. On Instagram they have recently taken away the ability to see Likes on others’ posts as a belated nod to our mental health. It IS mental, this whole charade, isn’t it, Bryntin. Perhaps they should do it on the other social media sites, pull all the ads, and charge us to use them.

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    1. Yes, I notice that follower numbers are still in the WordPress reader, even if not activated on the blog itself, and that irks me too.
      It’s like this circular confirmatory thing of ‘Oh, look, lots of other people like it, I shall like it too…’ or people don’t ‘Like’ or Follow – or even visit in the first place – blogs with only low numbers to start off with.
      For certain people it turns their confidence in their own taste off and they end up going wherever the biggest flock of sheep lead.
      I know it’s a theme I keep returning to but I just find it funny to try to puncture the tyres on it.


  4. This happens with mental illness too. On the occasions I talk about depression or anxiety with tags (which I’m just realising I don’t do that often. When I started SKTD up I really thought they’d be topics I covered a lot. So that’s interesting), I get a fresh crop of self help blogs that very obviously just want me to follow them.

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    1. Yes, I could go with those next then… 😉

      Nah, I’ll try to leave it now, I think everyone gets it and I’ll try to stop myself if I find I’m just doing yet another moany thing about it..

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  5. I enjoy a strange sense of achievement when I do a bit of culling. I have culled many Facebook friends. I don’t think I have many left now however … indeed I could soon be friendless. As regards WordPress, I have also become a little brutal. I only follow those whom I find interesting, amusing or move me emotionally. Now that I’ve put myself on the sanctimonious pedestal, I shall exit sharply. Love your post! Katie


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