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Am I investing correctly?

Following on from the discovery that gaining follower numbers is a simple pyramid scheme – but not involving ancient Egypt or the mathematics of large bits of stone piled up, hopefully before the king is dead so he can pay the bills – I decided to post another buzz word-filled article to give me a solid return on my investment.

In this post I am going to examine what percentage of new followers you might expect when you decide to talk about finance.

This is the pile of pounds you can now get for one cent. Euro or $.

Of course, no one is likely to learn anything about high yield future bonds with a blend of rising start-ups, internationally AAA-rated solid high performance unsinkable companies like Kodak or Barings, and tax-free-if-you-have-enough-money-to-start-off-with components – or indeed, anything about hedges – from me, but I’m hoping that just posting this article with judiciously chosen tags will help us find some people that can.

The ROI of the weight loss scenario was a relatively high yield of 10%, which compares well with the current rate of inflation, which was not ideal as it was effectively meant to be about deflation.

I am now, in effect, mortgaging the future high performance of this blog in order to fish in the shallow end of the blogging pond to see how much pointless weed an experiment drags up, for a laugh.

Because that’s the kind of bloke I am. Not the bloke who does the writing but the bloke Bryntin that comes out of him is.
(Note: This line is squeezed in to please certain factions who are of the impression that Bryntin is in fact the same person as the author who writes stuff that seems to be ‘inspired by’ the life of the author but comes out on these pages as not quite how they remember it and are convinced they come out as ‘a bit mean’. Bryntin points out that it’s mostly all made up but some small bits are ‘borrowed’ from the authors life. Most of the whacky stuff that comes out thereafter is filtered through the fictional brain of the fictional character of Bryntin and is as such, fiction. Including the character ‘Mrs Bryntin’. And stop hitting me. Thank you.)

The question is, will I get new followers who will follow having not read this post at all, based on it just being tagged to reel them in?

Let’s find out!

Note: Performance of this blog may go down as well as up. Future performance, or indeed, any future, is provided as a typical illustration of the best case scenario and should not be relied upon in court at the bankruptcy hearing.

12 thoughts on “Am I investing correctly?”

  1. I did a post a while back about drive by likings and followers. Didn’t understand it then, still don’t. I have followers I know have never read one single word I’ve written …. what’s the point? I delete them on a regular basis but some are tenacious and keep coming back. Apparently not reading me is profitable. Go figure.


    1. I know… Thinking about it, it’s a theme I keep coming back to again and again in different ways but that’s only because of the way it happens so regularly that I keep thinking of a new way to call it out each time there’s a spate of it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It just seems so ridiculous. They like my post, and they follow me… never bothering to read, with the hopes that what? I’ll follow them without reading? Then why are we even here!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah well, I think there are many more genuine people out there than trawling robotic keyword crawlers and revenue by click merchants…

        While you’re here, why not click some affiliate links for products that I use and you might like too? 😉

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Unfortunately the financial sector seems to have worked it out so all your investment is lost, I’m winding up the company and starting again in another country under another name.

      Liked by 1 person

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