Sometimes I Rhymes: O’er Gates

I haven’t done a Rhyme post for a long time so I thought I’d have a go today. For inspiration I thought I’d take a look around at some other contemporary poetry and, as I am logged in to WordPress, read some other writers efforts.

One thing I have learned is that poetry is often defined by having the word o’er in it. (That’s not oh er, like commonly found in a reaction in seaside postcards, but another way of writing over, just in a more artistic fashion.)

This seemed to be a common way of writing ‘over’ in early classic prose and poetry so writing a ‘v’ must have been very difficult when poets were using quills. Later the poets tradition of replacing the ‘v’ s carried on even after printing presses were common and I am glad to see that so many modern writers carry on with it and keep the tradition of replacing any untidy letters they don’t like with skilfully insert’d and h’rdly not’c’ble apostrophes.

Having read so much poetry in order to be inspired, there is a small chance that some sources of my inspiration might be spotted in my work but I think you can safely say it’s poetry as it’s got an o’er or two in it – and even a few other words with apostrophes in them, mainly used and made up for the ‘ell of it.

O’er Gates

I wondered lonely as a cloud
o'er barbed wire fences and five bar gates
and a host of sloppy cowpats
to meet my feet with sloppy fates

I should have worn my welli'tons
for such a dangr's trek
But I had left them languishing
At home on the bak'd sun deck

If you can walk in dairy mead'ws
wearing flip flops o'er your toes
then you will be a man my friend
but you'd better hold your nose

11 thoughts on “Sometimes I Rhymes: O’er Gates”

  1. I like this a lot! I tried to think of a witty rhyme last night in response, but I have nothing but brain fog.

    Very witty as ever! Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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