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Massive Feet Part III

I am on a journey. And so are my feet.
Actually, my feet are doing most of it, the rest of me is tagging along for the ride.

For parts one and two (or I and II) of this journey, if you have any desire at all to catch up with the story so far, here are the links. Part I and Part II.

But I am happy to give you an update to save you all that reading.
Feet were heavy, slightly lighter now (but still pretty heavy really).

Right, now we’re all caught up let’s get on with this month’s update.

As I mentioned before, Mrs Bryntin was struggling with the concept of me being on a mission to attain lighter feet and was seemingly sabotaging my efforts by continuing to bake cakes as if practising for the Great British Bake Off and cooking dinners that would instantly add about a kilo just by her wafting the smells from the kitchen.

I am glad to say that the gravity of the situation has now been grasped and I am on the way to treading more lightly on the scales, helped by some warmer weather arriving, which encourages lighter dishes.

I have also been assisted by a clear month of at least three bike sessions a week, with a mix of road and trainer rides depending on my balance appraisal at the beginning of each day. With each ride burning around a 1000 calories (according to my various bits of software, they vary but are within around 10% of each other), I’m happy that over a week I am maintaining a ‘more calories out than in’ regime overall.

Also, it is ‘destroy all the suddenly overgrown stuff in the garden‘ time, so deliberately annihilating things with the manual tools, instead of plugging in or starting up the powered versions, gives productive but extra energy burning exercise. I also feel like I’ve done the work with this much more peaceful, involved and mindful experience than the usual easy powered destruction, wreaked with the accompanying cacophonous screams, whines and drones of the electric and petrol motors and blades. So it’s been shears and bow saws, not electric hedge trimmers and chainsaws.

Anyway, let’s get to the point of the post. Today’s ‘two months after I started’ (62 days to be exact) feet weigh-in picture, measured in kilos for your delight and/or confusion.

Incidentally, a friend of mine asked me what I weighed now after me telling him about my journey so I told him how many kilos it was.
He said ‘What’s that in stones?’
I didn’t know. I easily did the mental ‘A kilo is about 2.2 pounds, so that’s two times the number of kilos (even I can do that) plus add another 2 times the kilos to it but with the decimal point moved to the left one space, and then divide the total by… is it 16 pounds to a stone or or 14? Can’t remember…
So of course, abandoning the mental arithmetic because it wasn’t me that wanted to know, it was him, I said, ‘Fuck knows, Google it.’

Right, the reveal.

At the start of all this I was 101.4kg.
The first month seemed like hard work to only get down to 98.9kg but this month feels like it was more worth the effort.

So that’s pretty much 6kg gone, which will make the combination of myself and the bike a little easier to get up the hills now – and where I live, there’s a lot of hills so that’s a very good thing indeed.

17 thoughts on “Massive Feet Part III”

  1. Good for you! I work in stones too and googled it because it’s 5:15 in the morning and I’m a sad muppet … apparently the ‘formula’ is to divide the mass value by 6.35 in order to achieve an approximate result. Frankly, for such a specific number, I would expect more than just an approximate outcome but then again maths and I never got along … so it’s fortunate that we have google to work it out for us. And now, with all this chatter I’ve forgotten what the question and the answer was – I think it’s all a bit early for me …

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      1. I know, the metric system is so simple it’s confusing compared to all the old measurements with 16’s, 14’s and 12’s in yards, feet, pounds, stones ounces, pints, firkins and 16ths of inches. Can see why you wouldn’t want to change once you’ve learned all that.

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  2. Well done, I think it’s good that you’re doing things you can incorporate into day to day life, rather than going to a gym and pounding a treadmill or something. It means these activities are far more sustainable.

    By the way, some strange shenanigans going on with your blog. This post appeard in my GMail last night, I clicked through and it said post not found. I went the site manually, and it wasn’t there. Now this morning it’s back.

    And I think something is missing at the end of the post. You say “The first month seemed like hard work to only get down to 98.9kg but this month feels like it was more worth the effort.” and then there’s just a little box with a grey outline. Same on PC and phone. Is there supposed to be a picture here of the scales?

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    1. Um.. yes, that’s a bit worrying as that’s the point of the post (it says 95.5 )… On checking, it appears in the blog but yes, I see it’s missing in the reader. I don’t think that’s anything I’m doing… Also, it was a scheduled post and I noticed it didn’t come online at the right time so did a ‘manual override’… might account for the appearing/disappearing trick.
      Never been a gym enthusiast, especially dislike that some people drive to a gym to exercise then drive home… Use a bike, driving everywhere is why you need the gym in the first place you numpties!


    1. Also good for measuring progress? Trousers and belts. Or dresses and belts, although I favour trousers mostly.

      Perhaps you could be a volunteer lock keeper for a few days a week now the tourist season is here, that’ll burn all the sausage rolls.

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  3. ‘so deliberately annihilating things with the manual tools,’

    That was brilliant, I must say. (harbours secret jealousy)

    ” sabotaging my efforts by continuing to bake cakes as if practising for the Great British Bake Off and cooking dinners that would instantly add about a kilo just by her wafting the smells from the kitchen.”

    That entire sentence was MAGICAL!

    I wish you great success in your journey!


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