Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge No. 254

Sweet and Heart Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge

Welcome to my latest attempt to write a meaningful and profound Haiku using the prompt words found at Ronovan Writes.

This week the words are Sweet and Heart.

Immediately, probably due to not having anything sweet for about two months, my brain betrays its base and shallow side by leaping into thinking of sweets as in puddings or desserts. Possibly more romantic types are on to some other angle with alternative gooey stuff.

So, after a brief interlude imagining what the first two courses of a meal out would be (a scallop dish for starters and possibly a nice juicy rib-eye for main – I’m pretty much vegetarian but not entirely so), this came out…

heart set on ice cream
but sticky toffee is good
hmm, sweet conundrums

But I returned to real life with a warning from another part of my system, some sort of anti self-destruction brain cells that go around looking for escaped evil fantasy cells in order to eliminate them, probably dressed in spangly suits with a cape and armed with neuron guns shouting and shooting, ‘Take that you sugar-addicted evil influence cell!’ and…
Oh, sorry, I did say I was back to real life didn’t I?

Yes, anyway, the results of the brain and body saving heroes battle was this:

broken heart problem
too many sugary sweets
death by chocolate

Yes, started with sweet and heart, got to death there somehow. Normal service resumed.

Why not come back next time for more joy and entertaining enlightenment. Now go off and visit here for people taking this stuff more seriously than I do, if you like that sort of thing.

9 thoughts on “Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge No. 254”

    1. Lesson learned then I hope!
      Sweets are for treats, any more than that, danger.
      I also have a hobby horse about disguised and even blatant sugars in processed foods, people don’t realise how much of it is in pretty much everything in a packet, but that’s too serious for this blog! 😉


  1. I love haikus. They can be simple and breathtaking. On the other hand, they can be trite and oblique. Not good words to see on your tombstone. They contain that Japanese notion of elegance and simplicity, if done well. Now, limericks – can’t get enough of them! But, there are too few serious ones with pathos. Care to begin a new poetic trend?

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Well I’m sure somebody does them, somewhere.

        There once was a artist called Lucy,
        who wanted limericks that were a bit juicy
        something serious but witty
        at the same time a bit gritty
        so Bryntin sent her to Google to look, see?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Very relatable haikus today*

    *obviously not today-today because I got behind in my blog-reading and comments and it’s not *today* as in the day you posted it anymore, more of a the-other-week-today. You know what I mean.

    Liked by 1 person

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