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Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #257

Welcome to my latest attempt at Ronovans Haiku Challenge Prompt. This week Ronovan has provided the words Rip and Mend to be the ones to fit into our strictly structured syllabletastic soliloquies. (I don’t think they are actually soliloquies but it works for the asinine alliterative arseholes among us)

Anyway, let’s enter the prompt words in to the blank white space that some writers call ‘a new document’ until they think of a whizzy new title, or indeed just ‘wave a blank bit of paper’ and make sure nobody gets to see it’s blank.

bike riding in lanes
slippy shit, fall, rip skin off
takes a week to mend

Ah yes, that incident is obviously still fresh in my mind. Never mind, the grazes are healing and I’m largely on the way to being properly mended now, with only the pain in my ribs still causing some discomfort. However, as well catching up with some boring paperwork I’ve been reading some of my older posts while recuperating so at least there won’t be any pain from laughing too hard.

Mrs Bryntin was sympathetic though and had to take command of the recovery and recuperation controls in the kitchen to ensure my body had all the nutrition it needed to grow some new coverings.

beans are nutritious
in a stew to mend your wounds
(may cause pants to rip)

Well, there you are.

Please pop along to Ronovans site here where you will find more haiku written by people who are probably better at being both more sensible and more upright than me.


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