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Good Morning.

Well, it is here if the scheduling facility has worked properly. But you may well be elsewhere in the world and therefore be on any other time in the 24 hours on the globe. Unless you think the Earth is in fact flat, in which case just shout up to your Mum from the basement and ask her what time it is. Or just Google it or ask some friendly aliens or something.

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I thought perhaps I should pop in and offer up a few words, because it’s been a long time since I’ve written any here. Not just random words, that would be silly, although silly is often what you find here anyway. And you may think they’re fairly random as well. But no, I was going to offer a small explanation for not writing any words previous to these ones but after the last ones.

The thing is, I got a job. I was also recovering from trying to break myself into smaller pieces instead of just ‘losing some weight’ off the whole of me in the conventional manner, but I failed to work any limbs loose and have just been waiting for a cracked rib or two to heal.

But as well as that, I have also recently become gainfully employed.

Having absolutely no relevant experience at the type of job that I have been engaged to do, it has required a learning curve that can only be described as ‘that’s a vertical cliff, where’s the bloody curvy bit then?

Probably serves me right for ‘winging it’ and relying on some expertise gained in a period approximately ten years ago in the interview – when I was a very keen greasy pole climber – making out I knew what I was doing (which I did then but not in this particular industry) but not mentioning the small matter of a decade that has passed since then.

I have been engaged to ‘get a project off the ground’ in the hospitality sector which, as everyone probably knows, is what Cornwall was invented for. Well, that, the pasty and tin mining. And proper cream teas.

I did find, on further enquiry, that in fact it would probably not be a good idea to take the project off the ground. Apparently this is in fact a metaphorical usage of ‘off the ground’, unless your project is an aeroplane or similar device intended for being ‘off the ground’.

I also struggled with a vertically integrated marketplace but, being Cornish and having the genetic mutation for digging holes and opening a mine anywhere I’m stood still for more than ten minutes, I was quite looking forward to the ‘underground marketing campaign’.

I am glad to say that the project’s initial stage – with it actually being properly ground-based, stationary and therefore a lot safer, more comfortable and easier to find – has now been completed and I am now embarking upon the secondary stage.

This is more hands-on than it has been, and not as entire-brain-encompassing as the initial set-up. Hopefully now it’s more just juggling things, keeping my eye on them and not dropping anything, and, to maintain the juggling metaphor, keep them up in the air. Which it seems, incidentally, is where a lot of things seem to be these days.

Actually, it turns out that I have written a lot of words in the last month, but generally I have managed to keep them to being ones that have some logic, make some sense and are less likely to leave you wondering if there’s a fair chance that the author is already in an institution.

So anyway, if my regular followers, and the really keen one (Hello Mum!) were settling in to a life devoid of Bryntin-shaped entertainment (of whatever size that may be) and wondering how they’d be able to cope if indeed he was permanently never to be seen again, I am very sorry.

He’s still here.

Just ever so slightly busier and with even less spare brain capacity than before.

9 thoughts on “Absence”

  1. A job.
    Don’t you know that interferes with blogging?
    I may have to rethink your commitment to this site now.
    But congrats all the same. I’m sure the campaign will be an utter success… above ground as well as under.

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  2. Congratulations on the job! I hope you enjoy it. It makes sense to slow down on blogging for a bit, but I do look forward to seeing your posts. Just make sure you still have enough time to read my posts.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Nick. I’m sorry your life is desparate enough to look forward to my posts so I hope it improves soon. Of course I’ll keep reading yours so that I can check you’re keeping cheerful about things.

      Liked by 2 people

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