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Things that I used to do when I started this blog but haven’t done much of lately.

  1. Just the Facts. – A little list of completely spurious made up stuff with sometimes a loose theme, often not, and then I started mucking about with it and using it to dump all sorts of rubbish under.
  2. The Study – An in-depth article about some aspect loosely linked to the Just the Facts list that preceded it until I started mucking about and doing random subjects and then started not doing it at all.
  3. Sometimes I Rhymes – Some ‘poem’ or limerick of completely random nature but eventually usually ended up in me mucking about with it.
  4. Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes – Haiku, normally using the Ronovan Writes prompt words and generally made to be as utterly non thought-provoking as possible. Generally, I just mucked about with it.
  5. Bryntins BLT – A blog leaping tour where I leaped about the blogosphere in an entirely contrived set of leaps based on six degrees of separation theory. It was good fun mucking about with that.
  6. #Blogbattle – Unusually, I started off by mucking about with it and then actually tried to take it a bit more seriously, although generally with attempts at jokes. So it was more seriously applied mucking about. I missed doing one last month so I need to mucking get on with one this month.
  7. Massive Feet. – A documentary series where I described my efforts to lose some weight. I missed last month due to using a road in a unconventional manner but my feet are still actually lighter than they were in the last post, even though they’re still attached to the rest of me. So I basically mucked that up by sliding on some muck.

So it seems I have a complete lack of ability to stick to anything much. Especially not muck.

Come back next time when who knows what I might start off doing but not carry on with. Something mucky I expect.

8 thoughts on “Predictable”

  1. given the theme here, the ‘where there’s muck there’s brass’ cliche might have proven useful if it really hadn’t meant you were due to be buried in your grandma’s knickknacks… keep on mucking


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