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Throwback Thursday: Effortless posting

There is a tradition in blogging that seems to be about the reposting older works on a Thursday. This is officially called ‘Throwback Thursday’.

I considered why it might be Thursday specifically and I concluded that there are few days of the week that can be attached to an appropriate alliteration. Possibly you could have ‘Flingback Fridays’, but otherwise none of the seven day names really goes with ‘repeat’.

You could perhaps go with ‘Second-Time’ Saturdays or Sundays but that does rather negate just reposting something three times or more to wring every last drop out of it.

If you remember, I was also recently musing about things I used to write, and then I saw in my statistics page that someone had viewed one of my older posts yesterday.

I then reread the post myself and I thought, “You numpty, it’s no wonder you don’t do that stuff any more.”

And then I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool just to post it again in order to ride on the back of an existing blogosphere thing instead of writing anything new today? Nobody enjoyed it the first time much, so what’s the worst that can happen? …. OK, something not as bad as that?”

So I present, unaltered from its original condition because that would take time and effort and some new original thought; The Study: Science.

Feel free to tell me how cheated you feel by my conspicuous lack of effort below in the comments.

The Study: Science

Welcome to The Study where I will take an aspect of the latest Just the Facts and delve in to it in a deep and meaningful way in order to bring further clarity to that aspect.

I would hope that you leave here having confusion and uncertainty wiped from your brain and carry instead a full understanding of what exactly is going on here.


This week, owing to the number of facts that had a scientific nature – but I could say anything about yesterday’s post because no one apparently presses the link to check when I put one in – I am looking at the subject of science more objectively, testing my theories and publishing the results here so that anyone else can try testing them and, of course, agreeing with them.

Science is the process by which humans have discovered absolutely everything they know about the mechanics of why everything is the way it is. Not many have absolutely understood everything themselves but each of them has understood a whole lot – or in the case of Quantum scientists, very little – about a particular part of everything.

A lot of people believe that science started with the Ancient Greeks, Thales, Archimedes, Aristotle and the like, who started questioning how stuff did what it already did before they even thought of asking the questions. Science was invented basically to work out how to repeatedly make it do it again.

However it was a caveman called Erk who first pondered the first really important scientific questions, such as ‘How fast does a spear with a sharp flint head have to go to make sure I can take a nice bit of mammoth home for supper?‘ and ‘Which berries was Mrs Erk eating just before she suddenly dropped dead?

(At this point, you may ask why the stereotypical caveman wasn’t called Ug. Ug was Erk’s grandad but Erk does have the distinction of his name still being used in modern language, although it has changed along the way and is now spelt ‘Oik’ in the countryside and ‘Chav’ in cities.)

Without Erk managing to answer these really solid first questions about his surroundings, the Greeks wouldn’t have existed and worked out the best ways to find the area of a circle when you needed to, how to reliably move water to where you’d prefer it to be or the best way to fold a toga so it didn’t have any creases when you put a clean one on.

Even the Ancient Greeks, and a lot of the younger ones, knew that no one person could understand everything so individuals started studying particular and differing areas of interest in the things around them, thus the spheres of Astronomy, Botany and Earth Sciences were pursued. Spheres were in all of them, so that was a handy word to know.

After getting through many volunteers the Botanists finally answered Erk’s queries about berries and invented ways to make clothing smell nice. Earth Scientists eventually worked out how much of a drop a man could reliably survive using the leftover volunteers. They also worked out how to mend broken legs and that man wasn’t ready to fly yet.

The Astronomers were a special lot who liked to provide really solid evidence for everything they found out with logic and mathematics and with the confident air of people who knew that everything they told people about was too far away for anyone else to go off and check.

Of course there are now many more sciences than before as each area of study has become more specialist. Those again split into ever smaller and more divided elements. The total energy is not lost in the science system but it has tended to dissipate into ever more separated processes.

As time has gone on, which itself is a principle that scientists now think they’ve understood relatively well, many advances have been made in all sorts of spheres and other shapes but there are still many questions.

We can thank current scientists for working on those new questions; theorising, experimenting, testing and sharing the answers with whoever paid them to find out. Then we can buy the products.

As ordinary people, we often find their work will throw up an occasional practical gem that we can be very positive about, like how we can rewarm a cold cup of tea in a microwave oven in under a minute or how to put a man on the moon and then have him come back again in exactly the same condition as we sent him but more famous.

In general, science has advanced many things in a tangible way for most of us, take the fact that you are able to read my words on this blog for example.

Or you can think of something better.

However it is difficult to understand how we ordinary thinking people – and the scientists among us – are still battling those who still, apparently, need even more power and money than they already have, to accept that Mars is too cold and too bloody far away to set up there and have another go because we’ve completely messed this planet up.

We need scientists help more than ever now, otherwise we’ll be back with Erk and rebuilding it all from scratch and hoping one of us remembers how to start a fire with two sticks.

10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Effortless posting”

  1. Personally, I don’t really like reposts. The closest I come with my blog is an intermittent series called “random revisited” where I use the WordPress random tool to view an old post, then write an update post, a kind of “that’s what I thought then, this is where I am now” review.

    In theory, it seems perfectly sensible and economically sound to repost an old post, especially if you now have a greater readership and most of your readers have probably never read the old post… I just like to always come up with something current though!


      1. Well there is that.

        I know some people repurpose and/or update old posts and publishing them again, and some go through their archives and delete any posts they no longer want to be public, or just delete posts older than a certain age.

        I don’t know, I just like to keep it simple and pure, everything I publish is new, and the whole mass of posts ever published (within one particular blog project) are out there together.


  2. I’m all for a re-blog, my whole next post is effectively a re-blog! No shame in that. Serves several purposes. Keeps the wheels rolling even if your mind can’t. Not producing anything when your mojo has vacated can be really crushing and can set off a vicious circle. Posting something, anything, takes some creative pressure and weight off. It can introduce posts which may have been missed. It helps new readers discover stuff they may otherwise never scroll down to. It can inspire new ideas, continuations. And it’s your blog, you can do what you like with it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My thoughts exactly. And what I like to do with it is explore all of the tropes that the blogosphere offers and give them a ‘Bryntin’, which is an SI unit measuring the amount of knowing pisstake in a given amount of words.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I think I remember this post of yours unless I have imagined that. I had a very enjoyable phase of reposting old blogs on a Thursday sometimes with an intro (you can also do photos on Instagram, or anywhere else probably). Lately hitting the reblog button on an old post with or without a little intro has helped me keep to my self prescribed but stuck to posting schedule even if I haven’t had time to produce anything new. But of course now I have my song with some thoughts/memories phase!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could write one years worth of posts and then spend the next years just re-posting them one at a time annually… might take me ten years to write a years worth of posts though. 😉


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