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A Recommended Post on Another Blog – but you have to suffer some of mine to get to it (unless you simply scroll past that bit)

Bryntin has the great fortune to be living in an area of the country where there are very few other people to be affected by his existence. This probably makes things generally better for everyone. However, there are other humans to be found in the vicinity.

Very often the closest is Mrs Bryntin, who is generally easily within the length of, say, her palm, the length of her arm and his ear. This is called ‘an earshot’.

A ruler showing two measuring systems rulers ruled on.

Another human Bryntin comes into contact with nearby is the generous fellow blogger, but much more accomplished writer, Ellen Hawley. Ellen often shares his regular Sunday morning walk on the local beach with other hi-vis attired volunteers, armed with a litter picker and a big bag, cleaning it of whatever plastic and other rubbish the tides and the seasonal and temporary beach goers have left behind so that our innocent wildlife doesn’t have to suffer it.

Ellen is American and writes on her blog called ‘Notes from the UK’, which is aimed at Americans trying to understand what has happened in Britain – and is still unaccountably happening – since the days America deemed it fine to leave the strange little islands physically alone after chasing them off its land. It’s still, of course, happy to export a lot of its own culture, extract as much tax-free money from UK citizens as it can and occasionally send its President over so all Britons have the chance to point and laugh at him as a distraction from feeling hopeless about our own MP’s.

You may also have unluckily happened upon his Massive Feet series, where Bryntin makes somewhat of a point of using metric measurements for both the slowly reducing mass of his feet and for the distances he rides on his bicycle. He may also occasionally make fun of anyone not willing to use the metric system like he does.

So, at the conjunction of these now fully explained happenstances, we come to a link for an article published by Ellen this morning, about the weights and measures that Great Britain has used in the past and still does. It is hugely entertaining. Of course, quantifying the amount of ‘entertaining’ is not within the remit of metric or imperial so we’ll have to stick with a ‘hugely’ of it.

The Link! At last!

Britain goes Metric. Except where it doesn’t.

7 thoughts on “A Recommended Post on Another Blog – but you have to suffer some of mine to get to it (unless you simply scroll past that bit)”

  1. Thanks, Bryntin. The reason you had trouble with the reblog feature (as you mentioned in a comment that I can’t approve on my blog–explanation follows) is that somehow my blog’s gotten entangled with–well, I’m not sure what. I think someone else’s. Anyway, it’s not allowing me to approve comments unless I go through some absurdly complicated back channel. I assume you got trapped in the same problem. I’m hoping WP will rescue me shortly. Again.

    Thanks for the link. And I voted against our alleged president as many times as they’d let me–which unfortunately was only once. That may be the source of our problems.


    1. One occasion where ‘First Past The Post’ electoral system would have been a great advantage, as I imagine the irradiated orange, McDonalds-fed dangers of excessive cholestrol advert wouldn’t have won that sort of race. (I always think it’s odd that the chief white supremacist is in fact convinced that appearing less white than he is would be good but ends up actually being orange).

      I hope that your technicals are swiftly resolved and you are welcome for the link, I expect my two readers are hurrying over there now to read what quality really is.


  2. Immensely enjoyable. Thankyou for the pointer. A pub near us which specialised in European ales had to go to court some years back to win the right to serve in litres not pints. The argument being as long as the measure was what they said it was, it shouldn’t be an issue. I see many market stalls have totally abandoned kilograms AND pounds, they now sell by the bowlful!


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