Just the Facts

Just the Facts: The Feature Return Edition

Welcome to this Return edition of Just the Facts, for which I am happy to be your host, bringing you some little known snippets and factoids of information that you can delight family, friends and colleagues with, as long as they’re not too clever themselves and can’t be bothered to Google it.

To convince you of my totally believable credentials as a reliable source of facts, I remind you that you are reading this post on the internet, a place where facts are as common as statistics and therefore 110% accurate.

This week there will probably be at least four facts, being as that is what I already had as I started writing the feature, but more could possibly happen as I continue to get into the swing of things.

Let’s get facting!

  • ‘Facting’ is not a dictionary word and is often underlined in writing software to show you that you have probably made it up.
  • The above fact was one of the extra ones that was added as I was writing this week’s list, as is this one explaining that.
  • Roughly 35% of the sales of ‘On The Origin of Species’ are copies mistakenly bought by etymologists
  • Generally, three toed sloths get at least 20% discount on gloves
  • Niagra Lands are at the bottom of Niagra Falls.
  • The moon landings were definitely not faked. I obtained this fact from Neil Armstrong’s stunt man
  • The UK Government is spending £100 million on leaflets explaining how to cook rats, badgers and squirrels, and how to gently medicate old age pensioners with a sledge hammer, in the event of a No Deal Brexit
  • When Mrs Bryntin cooks, I wash up. When I cook, I wash up.

Well, I hope you are now facted up for the week. (I can now just throw in that ‘facted’ is also not a real word.)

Come back next week to read some more facts. One of which is almost unbelievable.

9 thoughts on “Just the Facts: The Feature Return Edition”

      1. Point of order. The Conservative party members elected Johnson as their leader, and by virtue of that, he became the PM of the UK.
        That was 0.01% of the population, or approximately 140,000 people.
        So I, or my fellow ummm – insert massively large number of UK citizens – (nicely handled Bryntin) had nothing to do with it.

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      2. I am delighted to answer your question with the numbers that, out of the 68.8% of the population entitled to vote who bothered to, 42.3% of them voted for the Conservatives in 2017. This equates to 13,636,684 people.

        I’m sorry, I don’t have a list of their names, but if this all keeps going the way it’s going, there might be list of names handed out at some point.

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