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Hit Me With Your Limerick Shtick: Election Rejection

Last time we were here, gathered around together learning about the limerick form, I used some long words. To be fair, most of the longest ones were in the sections quoted from elsewhere but, unless you already knew what it was all about anyway, it was very instructive and we probably all had a little epiphany.

It’s fine, I cleared it up for you afterwards.

Anyway, if you missed that, and a significant majority of the world’s population seem to have to be honest, then it’s here on this link. You might want to read it just to see what some long words look like on this blog.

So, I thought I’d have a go at trying to do some more limerick form verses using some current news as inspiration.

Why not see if you can spot the topical bits?

There once was a PM called Johnson
who wanted to get a Brexit done
he blithered and blathered
and probably got lathered
by a pole dancer with a cost overrun

A Prime Minster wanted an election
But the commons gave him rejection
He’s gone completely mad
And Dominic is sad
Best take them and administer the injection

So, you might have noticed that all the limericks feature a Johnson.

I think it’s because limerick rhymes with dick.

Perhaps there’ll be a PM with a different name by next time.

Note: If you like what I wrote up there, why not share it among other people who you know and you think might like it too but would not otherwise be seen dead hanging around in a ditch like this.

Or of course, if you don’t want them to know you’ve been hanging around in a ditch like this, don’t.

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