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Hit Me With Your Limerick Shtick: Election

It is now traditional that Bryntin publishes topical limericks, a tradition stretching as far back as the week before last.

He has avoided being too contemporary before, fearing that, although currently understandable and pertinent, the references in his content would quickly become out-of-date over time. However, with the generally very tenuous old jokes employed and today’s Twitter and Instagram-era people only giving any attention at all to whatever catches their eye as they scroll the reader on any given day anyway, he’s abandoned that principle.

Henceforth, he won’t be making any effort to provide what the blogging community call ‘evergreen’ content as this was generally the only angle he used to try to put any effort at all into and, normally, he likes to avoid effort if at all possible, so this policy adjustment fits right in.

Anyway, here’s a limerick.

the PM not given to circumspection
did manage to attain an election
he’ll make promises aplenty,
then like at least the last twenty
they’ll disappear in some misdirection

Hopefully there will be some recognition that, even though it was there for the taking, Bryntin has avoided any smutty insinuations from him using the obvious rhyme word ‘erection’.

He likes a stiffer challenge.


Note: If you like what I wrote up there and, lets face it, it is quite unlikely but still possible, then why not press one of the buttons that shares it to other people you know?

Or of course, if you don’t want them to know you’ve enjoyed this, or just feel ashamed now and want to keep it to yourself, don’t.

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