Hit Me With Your Limerick Shtick: Smog

Welcome to a new, topical and fresh Bryntin limerick post, which is not one of a regular series but will appear as the General Election campaign we are currently suffering from in the UK provides stories to poke his limerick shtick at.

In a first for Bryntin’s timely limericking, this one does not contain a Johnson, although there is a current Member in it who is also apparently an inhuman shithouse.

Of course, the man who made the comments himself yesterday has been absent from all of today’s media-facing events.

Predictably, because they are desperate to maintain the image of unity, there followed throughout the day a parade of Conservative MP’s trying to defend Mr Rees-Mogg’s comments, right up until the moment the ‘haunted pencil’ himself apologised for them. Then they all shut up and tried to forget that they had outed themselves as holding similar opinions to his original comments. Nice people.

Leader of the House, Mr. Latin Rees-Mogg
Is being kept away from media dialogue
Because he dropped a bombshell
On the dead of Grenfell
An inexcusable sort of reek smog

Note: If you like what I wrote up there and, lets face it, it is quite unlikely but still possible, then why not press one of the buttons that shares it to other people you know?

Or of course, if you don’t want them to know you’ve enjoyed this, or just feel ashamed now and want to keep it to yourself, don’t.

2 thoughts on “Hit Me With Your Limerick Shtick: Smog”

  1. Your wit in fine form, Bryntin! An English cousin is passing through Vancouver, on his way to the southern island of New Zealand to work as a chef. I guess that is as far as one can get from the tumult. Is there even wifi down there? Regards, Wilt.


    1. Blimey heck.. Is that really you Wilt? Had some sort of O4FS allergy recently? It isn’t catching is it because there’s a few regulars gone missing? Have my two jokes been stretched too thin now? Is it something I said? You can tell me, I’m a doctor.

      Apparently, New Zealand is the only country in the world with it’s head screwed on correctly, being as they have abandoned measuring themselves against the rest of the world by the common GDP index and now measure their success as a country by how happy all their citizens are to live there. I must say that I find that very enlightened and will be investigating finding a cheffing job (OK, probably an effing or jeffing job) down there soon too.

      To be honest, if they don’t have wifi, that would be a good thing too.


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