Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge 288

Welcome to Bryntin’s weekly ‘was mildly humorous in his head’ haiku.

No messing this week.


Prompt reveal.

Smoulder and Subdued


mulder is subdued
scully intensely smoulders
he’s in her ex file

Points for a relevant and modern reference there – ahem. He just got smoulder and moulder stuck in his head and it went from there.

Right, that’s it, Bryntin hopes that you like it, but at least it probably didn’t take you long to read if you didn’t.

Note: There used to be a bit of text down here that encouraged readers to share anything Bryntin writes that they thought was good or made them laugh.
Bryntin has realised that not many bothered much with that so he has replaced that paragraph with this long bit of alternative text, in the form of one very long sentence, which actually doesn’t make any point at all except to make you pretty annoyed that, if you have made the effort to read this far, you have now found it was actually just a complete waste of your time. Thank you.

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