Hit Me With Your Limerick Shtick: Appliance

If you had been reading O4FS and keeping up with the latest cutting-edge brain research that Bryntin had performed, you would have already seen the article to which this limerick refers.

If you haven’t
a/. Where have you been?
b/. Your Granny’s already died four times Smithers, you can’t try that one again.
c/. No, you can’t blame Brexit.

Bryntin does recommend going off to read it here, if you need the limerick to be a little more understandable. Otherwise you can just enjoy the mental image projected for its own pleasure.

Bryntin recently published his science
Mrs Bryntin read it and followed with silence
now he has black eyes and is raw
and eats his meals with a straw
and works as a domestic appliance

Note: No domestic violence actually took place really as both Bryntin and Mrs Bryntin are fictional characters who only exist in the authors head.

Note: If you like what I wrote up there and, lets face it, it is quite unlikely but still possible, then why not press one of the buttons that shares it to other people you know?

Or of course, if you don’t want them to know you’ve enjoyed this, or just feel ashamed now and want to keep it to yourself, don’t.

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