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This Week on O4FS

Bryntin would like it to be known that after much research (he looked at the stats page) there was little evidence that very many readers have actually gone off to read the posts that he was providing the links for on his Friday summary post.

There were, however, a number of likes on the Friday post itself.

So he would like to remind readers that this post is not meant to be the likeable one and only exists to glorify and redirect your attention to the simple and already written posts that have gone before it this week.

Namely: Monday’s Poem – /2020/02/03/official-terrible-poetry-post-garage/

Tuesday’s Haiku – /2020/02/04/sometimes-i-dont-rhymes-ronovan-writes-weekly-haiku-challenge-291/

and Wednesday’s Ramble /2020/02/05/lets-go-on-a-ramble-plastic-bottles/

If there continue to be likes on this post, and no action on the links, Bryntin will stop desperately trying to get any extra views on the ones he’s already written by writing something else. And hoping that works to increase readership on the bits he really tried hard on and not this bit.

I think they like the bits where you appear to be having a conversation.

Shut up you. We were doing fine without you thank you very much.


So, if you are here to see if Bryntin has at last come up with a post that has proved to be enjoyable, please try at least one those ones first before buggering off and muttering that you were right not to have done that last time.

Shouldn’t you say thank you to anyone that already visited and liked those posts?

Oh yes, perhaps I should.

And explain why I’m just in Italics this week?

Look we’ve already had this conversation. I tried a draft where we had our name tags first before we spoke.

That would be clearer wouldn’t it.

Well, in theory yes. Tricky thing was that both sets of speech tags were ‘Bryntin:’

Ah, yes, tricky. So you’ve just gone with a different type of text. Perhaps I could be called ‘Italic’. That’s quite cool. A bit extra stylish perhaps.

Well no, until you interrupted I was just cutting you out altogether.

Aww… can I get a sympathetic ‘Aww..’ (and perhaps a ‘bless his little heart’) from everyone?

Stop trying to build your part. You showed off enough last time thank you.
And yes, of course thank you to previous leavers of likes on this week’s posts, you sad people.

Right, job done, press publish, have a snooze.


20 thoughts on “This Week on O4FS”

  1. Hi, Bryntin. I don’t expect everyone to read everything I write and I certainly don’t read everything posted on the various sites I frequent (there are limits to time and sanity). However I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with the lack of feedback on anything I write for prompt sites and my blog, even at the level of the admittedly laborious task of clicking ‘Like’. I thought part of the point of a literary community was to provide encouragement, hints of what the reader enjoyed and, in the spirit of everything being grist to the mill, the odd discouraging word and why. I do my best to uphold that belief but I’m beginning to think, why bother, when that courtesy is so rarely reciprocated? As one example, someone recently visited my blog and read 8 posts without leaving a single response, good, bad or otherwise.
    I fear that increasingly the prompt sites are turning into FB pages where nobody seems to bother to read earlier posts (other than their own) and who think they serve as dumping grounds for their deathless prose on any subject other than the matter in hand.
    I wish others would appreciate the platforms provided to them by the interweb and understand that a community involves both give and take.

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    1. Blimey.
      Well yes, I share that all but I write for the challenges for my own ends, which is basically to poke fun at how serious a lot of them take it by being deliberately facetious.
      These catch up index posts are a bit of a tilt against the same thing as you’re seeing, normally the latest posts are read and older ones ignored. I’m not really bothered, it’s the poke at it which is the fun for me.
      I’ve got no illusions of it ever being anything more than a bit of a laugh, there’s millions of blogs out there, so I just do what I want with mine and let others worry about theirs.

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      1. Having just posted this whinge-moan, I noticed that suddenly my Spam box had burgeoned dramatically. Investigating, amongst the random scams and offers to meet my every sexual desire, I found 60 emails from various writing sites I subscribe to, including many Likes and Comments. Not sure if this was a Gmail thing or a WP thing but it made my day. Also noticed a vitamin company keeps subscribing to my blog and although you can delete them as followers, they can just re-subscribe.

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      2. Gawd yes, those un-deletable robo-followers are a pain… I don’t know if you’re getting the last laugh by never visiting them or not! It does seem though that, unless you deploy some geek written robo code yourself, that deleting them only for them to come right back 24 hrs later is more trouble than it’s worth.

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  2. Chill, me old china! I read the blogs, like ”em, but might I humbly and grovelingly say I also enjoy the summing up snarkiness as well? So I kerplunk a like on that too. What’s not to like?

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