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This Week On O4FS

There have only been two posts this week. Something up?

No, just having a bit of a lull since Wednesday… Well, yes, I suppose something is up in that I’m having a bit of a lull. It’s just hard to summon the right mindset when you feel properly exhausted all the time. It’ll pass soon enough hopefully.

So you’re not going to do your usual round-up post this Friday then?

Nah, I expect people will click on things if they want to. Just can’t be bothered really.

They could do that all the time.

True. But it just seems not worth the effort in doing a whole new post to promote two silly little posts anyway. Three or four in a week is a different matter.

You could just try and do a simpler post perhaps?

Nope. Haven’t even got the energy to type.

I could do it for you.

You are me.

Oh yeah. So you haven’t even got the energy to imagine me posting for you either then?


Will we/I be back next week?

Probably. It depends on the fog clearing a bit.

Then you’ll be back to your funny self?

Might even be two funny selves.

I put up some funny shelves once.

No, Mrs Bryntin just said they were at a funny angle.

Ah yes… well. To be honest, I just thought ‘Why would anyone put a marble on a shelf, it’s for tins and jars of stuff in a larder and other things that don’t roll’. But no, not good enough if a marble rolls from one end to the other apparently.

The world moves in mysterious ways. So do marbles sometimes apparently.

Note: There used to be a bit of text down here that encouraged readers to share anything Bryntin writes that they thought was good or made them laugh.
Bryntin has realised that not many bothered much with that so he has replaced that paragraph with this long bit of alternative text, in the form of one very long sentence, which actually doesn’t make any point at all except to make you pretty annoyed that, if you have made the effort to read this far, you have now found it was actually just a complete waste of your time. Thank you.

15 thoughts on “This Week On O4FS”

  1. Perhaps you and yourself have got the winter blahs…. I’ve had a hard time rallying the energy for much of anything lately as well.
    Of course there’s only one of me…. so I have no one to complain to.

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    1. Well, we’re certainly getting winter, the wet and windy sort rather than the white and ‘oooh, that’s pretty’ (for the first hour of it anyway) sort.
      Luckily, I only have as many voices as there are different formatting option combinations.

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  2. Wilt decided to give Bryntin a poke, seeing as his photo is framed and in our bedroom. Not HIS, per se, as in his portrait, but a very nice black and white of a faraway beach. To use the Canadian vernacular: how’s it goin eh? Yup, that’s about it. Not much of a lexicon, I’m afraid. We pronounce ‘roof’ to rhyme with goof, not ‘buff’, like our gun-toting neighbours. We pronounce ‘route’, as ‘root’, not ROWT. Wilt hopes his poke will elicit a Bryntinian response, and apologizes for not poking him sooner but has been too busy listening to wittertainment on 5 live, his weakness.


    1. Ah, you may thinking of my distant (hopefully) three times removed , two times politely, and on one memorable occasion, arrested for shoplifting a packet of custard creams (although that might have been me, age confuses the memory a bit), Bear?

      He does the photography stuff at and pronounces Rough Tor as Rout Tor, which is fitting as he’s often rough as rats. That’s another story again. I believe it’s on Bodmin Moor, reads like Rough (ruff) tor but is pronounced (locally anyway, ie not by the tourists) as Rowt (or even, in more local areas, ie living in it’s shadow, Root) Tor.

      I listen to five live for the football commentaries only, being as if I wanted to listen to the rest of humanity ranting on about pointless things, like on the rest of the programming on there, I’d go and visit a town or city more often.

      PS; Hello Wilt, nice to see you. 😉

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