Facts about the author.

  • Retired from working many years before he retired
  • Is currently male, 51 and wears a hat
  • Bryntin is a nom de plume for another bloke who’s not French
  • Cares for a small white dog more than it cares for him
  • Sleeps more than average
  • Knows a little about something, nothing about a lot and doesn’t like beetroot
  • Is a fan of making up words and intertwingling them
  • Is generally not religious but still says ‘Bless you’ and offers his handkerchief if you sneeze and even finds a clean patch on it before he hands it over
  • Generally loves both fiction and love friction
  • Lives in Cornwall on the British Isles
  • The title ‘O4FS’ is a representation of the expression of utter delight often uttered by anyone he has shown his blog to.

Bryntin formerly wrote a blog called ‘The Bryntin Project’, then became a character in ‘The Bryntin Project’ and then disappeared up his own tailpipe while wearing a straitjacket and muttering about cheese.

You may also find him online at

Twitter @O4FSBryntin

I gave up Facebook so you won’t find me on the Messenger there, however if you have something you want to say that isn’t a public comment, you can contact me using this thing below:


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