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Massive Feet: An apology to Cycling

A couple of days ago, Bryntin posted the story of his temporary disconnect with the accepted best practise of getting the most from cycling, namely going outdoors, cycling in beautiful countryside and, 100% of the time, staying upright on the bicycle. Since receiving many plaudits and great sympathy for his condition following this departure, and… Continue reading Massive Feet: An apology to Cycling

Assorted, cycling, Feet

Massive Feet: Project Interrupted.

We interrupt the standard programming to bring you this news. Operation Massive Feet, a series of thus far emotionally intense dramas, riveting cliffhangers but with, so far, endearing and positive happy endings (not that sort Sir), has been temporarily suspended due to circumstances that were out of control. As you know, if you have read… Continue reading Massive Feet: Project Interrupted.

Just the Facts

Just the Facts – Candidates Rundown

Welcome to another edition of Just the Facts, a column where I impart information in the form of bullet-pointed factoids that you may use to impress people with your seemingly in-depth knowledge that lasts as long as it takes to charge a phone these days. Please note, although the factoids are bullet-pointed, they cannot be… Continue reading Just the Facts – Candidates Rundown

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Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge No. 254

Sweet and Heart Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge Welcome to my latest attempt to write a meaningful and profound Haiku using the prompt words found at Ronovan Writes.This week the words are Sweet and Heart. Immediately, probably due to not having anything sweet for about two months, my brain betrays its base and shallow side… Continue reading Sometimes I Don’t Rhymes: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge No. 254

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#Blogbattle: Airtight Case

Airtight Case "Ah, PC Keen, you have a customer for me I see." "Yes I do Sarge... and a unique one, I believe." Sergeant Hopkins stopped his writing and looked over the top of his glasses at the young PC, who was dripping on to the floor of the custody suite, holding a large suitcase… Continue reading #Blogbattle: Airtight Case