At the Speed of Parps

One of the joys of earlier than expected retirement from working/not bothering to look for another job after his stroke which is fine with Mrs Bryntin as long as he behaves himself and/or makes himself useful occasionally - is that Bryntin now finds himself as chief household dog walker. Normally his little terrier Gwynnik gets… Continue reading At the Speed of Parps

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Massive Feet: An apology to Cycling

A couple of days ago, Bryntin posted the story of his temporary disconnect with the accepted best practise of getting the most from cycling, namely going outdoors, cycling in beautiful countryside and, 100% of the time, staying upright on the bicycle. Since receiving many plaudits and great sympathy for his condition following this departure, and… Continue reading Massive Feet: An apology to Cycling

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Massive Feet: Project Interrupted.

We interrupt the standard programming to bring you this news. Operation Massive Feet, a series of thus far emotionally intense dramas, riveting cliffhangers but with, so far, endearing and positive happy endings (not that sort Sir), has been temporarily suspended due to circumstances that were out of control. As you know, if you have read… Continue reading Massive Feet: Project Interrupted.