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January #BlogBattle Fiction: Basket Case

Bryntin hasn't attempted any flash fiction for a long while but recently saw the #BlogBattle prompt for January appear in his WordPress reader. This, coupled with having the dog wake him up earlier than usual this morning to be let out, which gave him 'racing brain' on his cold return to his postage stamp-sized share… Continue reading January #BlogBattle Fiction: Basket Case


Definitely Fiction: Spectacles, Scepticals and Spirits

This should be in Reheated Sunday Leftovers, as it is a piece that appeared on both this and a previous blog and was originally written two years ago. But it's not.Despite receiving slight edits elsewhere, the story ends in precisely the same way as it did then. Which will probably tell you how much has… Continue reading Definitely Fiction: Spectacles, Scepticals and Spirits

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#Blogbattle: Airtight Case

Airtight Case "Ah, PC Keen, you have a customer for me I see." "Yes I do Sarge... and a unique one, I believe." Sergeant Hopkins stopped his writing and looked over the top of his glasses at the young PC, who was dripping on to the floor of the custody suite, holding a large suitcase… Continue reading #Blogbattle: Airtight Case

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#BlogBattle: Dusk

As the door of the office burst open and his breathless apprentice Olivia stood panting in the doorway, Tarquinn De Knotface-Stringfellow looked up from the blueprints he had spread out on his desk. A small pile of calculation-covered sheets of paper fluttered to the ground as the door twanged loudly against the newly fitted spring,… Continue reading #BlogBattle: Dusk