It’s complicated.

Life is often not as expected. Some might say that it would be very boring if it was, however, in my life there are some things that are expected to follow some kind of logic, not to mention the immutable laws of physics and the universe in general. Mrs Bryntin does not agree. Scene setting. … More It’s complicated.

The Study: Brexit

Welcome to The Study where I used to take an aspect of this week’s Just the Facts and delve in to it in a deep and meaningful way in order to bring further clarity to that aspect. This time however, I’m doing a study without any prior facts which, considering the Study is about Brexit, … More The Study: Brexit

Currently Resting

I feel it coming, a wave of doubt and uncertainty, a subtle humour change. Then the ridiculous, irreverent and surreal that normally fills these pages – having made a brief stop at language mangling control – is not flowing. Even I start to think it’s all too silly and start getting concerned with the ‘news’ … More Currently Resting