#Blogbattle: Airtight Case

Airtight Case "Ah, PC Keen, you have a customer for me I see." "Yes I do Sarge... and a unique one, I believe." Sergeant Hopkins stopped his writing and looked over the top of his glasses at the young PC, who was dripping on to the floor of the custody suite, holding a large suitcase… Continue reading #Blogbattle: Airtight Case


#BlogBattle: A Policy Shift

Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com A Policy Shift The busy looking woman with the clipboard and headset pointed at everyone in turn with her pen and asked 'Ready?' An affirmative 'Yes.' and thumbs-up signal followed her question to the assorted directions in the semi-darkness around her and one of the cameras seem to nod… Continue reading #BlogBattle: A Policy Shift


#BlogBattle: Dusk

As the door of the office burst open and his breathless apprentice Olivia stood panting in the doorway, Tarquinn De Knotface-Stringfellow looked up from the blueprints he had spread out on his desk. A small pile of calculation-covered sheets of paper fluttered to the ground as the door twanged loudly against the newly fitted spring,… Continue reading #BlogBattle: Dusk