#BryntinsBLT: Balancing Live Turtles?

Welcome to this week’s #BryntinsBLT, a randomish tour of blogs that is based on the number six and was originally inspired by a wet Saturday morning, boredom and back pain some weeks ago. I’m Bryntin and BLT officially stands for Blog Leap Tour, not Balancing Live Turtles as you may have thought for some odd… Continue reading #BryntinsBLT: Balancing Live Turtles?

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#BryntinsBLT: Big Loud Twit

#BryntinsBLT; Big Loud Twit? No, of course not really. I'm not loud at all. As per an introductory post for a spur of the moment idea and due to temporary physical erkiness, BLT stands not for a famous type of sandwich involving at least some pig and some other stuff but 'Blog Leap Tour'. Originally… Continue reading #BryntinsBLT: Big Loud Twit