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Tagalonga Argybargy

In my previous blogging incarnation I wouldn't touch one of these tagging posts with a barge pole. However, on this new one I am less tied to maintaining the fictional and grouchy persona I had developed for myself as a writing character called Bryntin back then. Now I am full of joy and warmth and,… Continue reading Tagalonga Argybargy

Assorted, Challenges & Prompts

A Christmas Carol: Spectacles, Scepticals and Spirits

Although from my last post it may seem to you that I am somewhat less than ‘a Christmas person’, I am sufficiently aware of the traditions associated with it that I thought I should attempt to recognise them in some traditional, happy and cheery way. So, in an effort to get into some semblance of… Continue reading A Christmas Carol: Spectacles, Scepticals and Spirits